Thursday, October 15, 2015


DianaOctober 14, 2015 at 2:05 PM

Dear Anonymous at 1:15 pm, 

Do not change the subject. You do not even know for certain if St. John's seminary and the rest of the other seminaries is a corporate entity.. So, do not change the subject. The Archdiocese has been saying all along that the Archbiship is the corporate sole of RM seminary. That is a FACT. Are you denying this fact? Yes or no?

It was the jungle who claimed that the Archbishop was a liar on the basis that a corporation sole does NOT have a board of directors. That is a fact.. The jungle has just been proven wrong. How they defined "corporation sole" and their basis was an error.


Actually, we do know for certain. St. John's Seminary is a corporation sole - meaning it belongs to the office of the Archbishop of Los Angeles. We know this because The Diana herself gives us the link to the documentation. 

Let's take a look at what it says:
Corporation sole:
Like most Catholic diocesan seminaries St. John's is a "corporation sole," and the archbishop of Los Angeles is the "corporate sole," the single legal owner, who passes authority to his successor in office. At St. John's, the archbishop also serves as chair of the board of directors, which is legally an advisory group, not a board of trustees with final authority. Patrick Nichelson is president.
The "board of directors" referenced here is a board of directors for the school not the board of directors for a corporation because St. John's is not a corporation separate from the Archdiocese of Agana as is RMS. Note that their board is "legally an advisory group." This is typical of a school board, but not a corporate board. By law, a corporate board IS the "final authority" in corporate decisions. 

As for my saying that a corporation sole does not have a board of directors, that's correct. By definition that is what is meant by the term "sole."  A corporation sole is a "sole" office, governed only by one person, namely the head of a church. 

Compare the articles of incorporation for Archbishop of Agana, A Corporation Sole with the articles of RMS. You will see that there is no board of directors for the Archbishop of Agana but there is one for RMS. 

But bottom line is that our side is backed by an official legal opinion from an attorney licensed to do practice law in Guam. And their side has the opinion of a pseudonym. Thanks Diana. Thanks for the opportunity to tell the truth again and again and again....

Oh and as for believing the Archdiocese or the Archbishop???? LOL. 


  1. This might not be the best place to post this but - today starts the big meeting of the "Higher" ups of the Neo communities I'm told. St Pius is here to take over RMS how important Guam is. Someone should take pictures of who walks into this meeting - I will like to see & know.

  2. The beginning of the year Convivence! Did they bar smartphones and recorders at the door? LOL.

    1. There was a convivence last weekend, probably for the head hunchos. This week will be for the responsibles, co-responsibles, catechist, and the clergy. Pep talk time!

  3. First topic of the day -
    "Effective Lying as the Sole Means of Communications"
    Mickey Mouse is handing out advanced degrees. Silly dunces think they are so slick. LOL