Friday, October 16, 2015


Chuck's recent post about the "new aesthetic" brought to mind a couple other posts I did about the first time I encountered a real, documentable, purposeful, intentional, and blatant lie in the service of the Neocatechumenal Way agenda to gut our church from the inside out and replace it with Kikology. 

And it wasn't any old lie told by a pseudonymous blogger. It was a lie written by a neo-presbyter who was also a canon lawyer and vice-rector of RMS. And it wasn't the usual lie told in the confines of a class ("Jesus is a sinner") or a regular closed community gathering. It was a lie blatantly published in a special issue of the Pacific Daily News with the pure intent to teach error in order to advance Kikology and destroy our church from within. 

I wrote Archbishop Apuron about the blatant lie. He seemed unconcerned. I then confronted the presbyter, Giovanni Rizzo. The following two posts detail the full account and show just how far these KAKA brains are willing to go to lead the faithful astray. Keep in mind. This guy was the VICE RECTOR of the seminary at the time.


Today this deceiver is the Adjutant Judicial Vicar of the Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Tribunal of the R.C. Archdiocese of Newark, NJ


  1. Maybe the first lie has to do with tony's ascension into power, eventually getting him into the bishop's and archbishop's chair! How did he rise above the others, much more qualified and better suited than him? Who nominated or pushed for his being seated? How did we go from a beloved Bishop Flores to a reviled Tony?

  2. Right time right place; NEO cult Presbyter Tony, as the Cathedral Rector, was the master of ceremonies for the outdoor mass during Saint JP II visit.