Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I can confirm the following.

Late afternoon, October 30th, prior to the chancery closing, there was a panic within Archbishop's office.  The chancellor reported that he had uncovered an intended plot to disrupt Archbishop's birthday by protests planned to evolve from within the Hyatt Hotel.   

It was reported to Archbishop Apuron that an identified non-American citizen entered Guam Friday on board a flight from Manila Philippines. The identified non-American citizen checked into the Hyatt Hotel with the intention of  disrupting the Sunday evening event.  

The non-American citizen was identified as Father Matthew Blockley.  

Archbishop Apuron immediately ordered a tightening of security at San Ramon and Hyatt Hotel. 

Archbishop was led to believe Fr. Blockley was visiting Guam with the intention of speaking against the Archbishop on his 70th birthday. This was based on Anon messages left on Diana's blog. 

The Archbishop instructed Hyatt Hotel of the potential security dangers threatening the birthday celebration.  By Monday morning it was confirmed to the Archbishop that Fr. Matthew Blockley had not left Manila bound for Guam. This was confirmed by the Archdiocese of Manila.

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