Tuesday, November 3, 2015


G4S is not the normal security at the Hyatt. Hyatt has their own security. So what was G4S doing there? We now know that Apuron hired them. His own personal thugs to badger and harass his own people. 

Whether Apuron likes those who protest or not, so long as he claims to be the bishop of this diocese those people are his spiritual children and he will have to answer for their souls. What father would call security on your own children? That should tell us who Apuron really is...as if we didn't already know. 

You want war, Tony. You're going to get it. Agat. 1977.

BTW, Susanna, the CCOG did not plan the protest. Teri Untalan and a band of brave ladies planned it. Wow. Apuron hired his own thugs to protect himself from a bunch of ladies.

Are you watching Rome? Good. Because you are going to see what happens when you think you can just send your own thugs here to slap people down and think you did your job. Keep watching.


  1. Yes, Agat 1977. When do we get to review that memorable year? Those events that changed lives? Changes that are still affecting the innocent victims. Are you ready for the repercussions that will reach all the way to Rome? I am so ready. Let the truth begin and set us all free.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  2. Timmy, Timmy, Threats Now, we'll be watching.

    1. Thanks. I wrote it last night and decided to sleep on it before I posted. You just helped me make my decision, Rudy. Oh btw, I spoke with someone yesterday who knows you very well. She told me you owe your life to Tony. Now why would that be?

    2. Oh, Rudeeeeee, ahhhhh haaaaaa. We're close!

  3. At 10:12PM get a life!! Eileen Benavente-Blas say home and make those ugly bracelets, button should be on shirts.

    1. Anonymous coward @ 2:24...now, now, being the scared fool that you are by withholding your true identity stop your bull sh#t, mind your own business and pray, ''Yes'' pray that karma don't b#Tch slap you back. You all stand to protect your brother Tony but when he falls you'd stay silent and that's for sure...for sure. If indeed you found being a Neo changed your life it sure did, it got you thinking you are better than those outside of your cult.

      One day you ''will' tumble and fall.


      Flo B.

    2. 12:07 PM....... :-o

    3. 1:18 PM...A3

      Flo B.

  4. Hyatt does use G4S for their security of property and grounds. Why AAA needs then is a mystery.

  5. Opps!..Is this the same Diana who speaks highly and mighty and claims to be in full obedience to our Pope Francis but instantly ignores Pope Francis' practices of mercy in making the time to stop, check, to kiss and bless any individual with a disability? Diana' words and her actions here mounts to zero. Hiring a security guard to protect those attending the Archbishop' Bday gala celebration was not needed. If I was available to join the prayer group the only weapons I'll be armed with is my holy rosary and a pee bottle. I can't Imagine me being arrested for that.


    Judging from the many comments made in JW and in private emails regarding the post GALA/BD event at the Hyatt last Sunday, I dare say that we did quite a stir!

    First of all, our deepest appreciation goes out to the many ladies who conceived, planned and executed the Protest Rally in conjunction with AAA’s 70th BD party. And the Diana blog billed it as a CCOG event?? How dumb and ignorant he/she/it/they are!! The least they could do is give credit where credit is due – the many brave ladies. Of course CCOG members attended and supported the Protest/Rally, but it was a “Laity Forward Movement” – distinct from CCOG - (if you want to attach a name to it) that pulled it off – supported by many of us.

    The event provided us more information about the true colors of AAA and the NCW:

    1.Some of the Neo clergy actually rolled down their car windows and gave us the “thumbs down”! We were praying the Rosary at the time! How rude! What message is that from “clergy” to us Laity?

    2.Special security was made available to calm down the crowd! What were they afraid of us for – insurrection, violence, or disorderly conduct?? The Protest/Rally was certainly SPIRITED PROTEST (not lukewarm), but it was civil and orderly. Not a single GPD patrol car came by with sirens to quell a riot – because there was none! So what were they afraid of? That the TRUTH will come out? I understand there’s more of the same coming your way – so brace up!

    3.Disrespect for the disabled! How rude! The A.D.A. should look into this!

    4.Some more showing of the traits of a proud, disrespectful, irreligious, leader (hate to use the word “Shepherd”):
    (a) He could have rolled down the window of his car and given the crowd his blessing as he drove into the Hyatt - after all, we are supposed to be his flock;
    (b) Only a proud man would emcee his own party. Not content to be the honoree, he also wanted to do the honors; (Wonder if he sang “Happy Birthday to me…”)
    (c) “I let them use the ‘popularity’ of my name to promote the gala fund-raising!” Such humility! Perhaps more accurately descriptive would be “infamy, notoriety, narcissism”, etc.;
    (c) Playing the auctioneer of religious relics (isn’t this against Canon Law?); and referring to sacred relics as “whatever”’;
    (d) Would the selling indulgences be next? Might as well go a-la-Luther all the way – he’s already betrayed the Catholic Church and its Faithful;
    (e) “…I don’t really know what they are demonstrating for out there?” Really? Didn’t know? I guess he’s sticking to the “there is only a ‘perception’ of a division within the Church” - an explanation he gave us at the Toto Parish Visitation meeting a few months ago – ask those who attended!;
    (f)We wonder how much of the money was used to feed some hungry and homeless people;
    (g)We wonder how much of the money goes towards the importation of outsiders to stay and study at RMS to become prysbeters, and then assigned out to our parish to create more havoc, to preach heresy, and to violate the Liturgy. (To be continued)

    (Continuation). I know that the second half of this writing may sound disrespectful, but if a person does not show respect (and he does not show respect to the Laity, of which I am one) he is – in essence - saying I don’t need to respect him either! He has not even acknowledged – much less responded –to my (and many others’) pleas and letters. (For a well written piece re the Archbishop’s loss of respect, see “An Open Letter to Archbishop Apuron”, Feb 5, 2015 at 11:38am, [http://www.junglewatch.info/2015/02/an-open-letter-to-archbishop-apuron.html], reprinted today Nov 4, 2015.) Tit for tat! Kao yamo ‘yan hago! - jrsa (Nov 4, 2015).

    PS: I wonder how many of my anonymous colleagues would shed their anonymity and join us at our next protest/rally? I respect each person’s personal reason for wanting to remain anonymous, and perhaps not wanting to be visibly involved. I was once anonymous myself in this blog – until I convinced myself that TRUTH IS NOT ANONYMOUS. I know there will be a time when it will be “ALL HANDS ON DECK” if we are ever to recover our Catholic Church from AAA and the NCW. In the meantime, hang in there, and don’t lose the Faith. It is the one thing that bonds us together. I thank my many friends whose names I see in these comments. You know who you are! Thank you!

  8. overheard from company colleagues who attended the birthday party:

    she1: we had to go because every year the table remains empty and we the company is forced to buy a table so may as well go have a good plated dinner.
    she2: how many people showed up at the table?
    she1: only four because they told the big boss they don't want to be associated with the neos
    she2: oh no wonder why empty table and only the entry level employees attended at the other side.
    she1: yes, as soon as we came, we took down the name tag because the big boss said he doesn't want anybody boycotting the companies.
    she3: oh yes! that is true! if people know our companies support them they will definitely boycott us and our lines.
    she1: yeah, they even wanted us to buy an advertisement even after we bought that table. we had to decline. the organizer kept calling and calling.

    well, i guess if its for a free dinner of salmon and steak, why not go?

  9. 47,000 people showed up to the gala. Yeah....right.