Tuesday, November 3, 2015


G4S is not the normal security at the Hyatt. Hyatt has their own security. So what was G4S doing there? We now know that Apuron hired them. His own personal thugs to badger and harass his own people. 

Whether Apuron likes those who protest or not, so long as he claims to be the bishop of this diocese those people are his spiritual children and he will have to answer for their souls. What father would call security on your own children? That should tell us who Apuron really is...as if we didn't already know. 

You want war, Tony. You're going to get it. Agat. 1977.

BTW, Susanna, the CCOG did not plan the protest. Teri Untalan and a band of brave ladies planned it. Wow. Apuron hired his own thugs to protect himself from a bunch of ladies.

Are you watching Rome? Good. Because you are going to see what happens when you think you can just send your own thugs here to slap people down and think you did your job. Keep watching.

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