Tuesday, November 3, 2015


 (See Eileen's description of what happened here.) 

Thank you, Archbishop Apuron. You are such a wonderful example for all of us. Sicking your dogs on your own people - even the crippled. "The floor of ..." 

1977. Agat. 


  1. What a shame to mock the cripple and the disable. Oh Diana, beware of your words, they might just bite you on your ass. I wonder if Diana can handle a disabled or cripple child. By the sound of this, I think not. BEWARE for the LORD DOES NOT SLEEP!

  2. Nice Christian attitude towards the disabled. Or maybe they give compassion to only NEO disabled. That is their "way." It will never be mine.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas
    A perceived slow-walking threat to Archie

  3. Ilun faha! Only a mush brain would find someone's disability entertaining. Taunting someone's physical shortcoming does not make your mental one less glaring, it highlights it. Los dianas are not Christian, they are kikos.

  4. I show Terry Mendiola in some picture or Video attending this GALA when she should be home taking care of her Sick Husband. Guess AAA is far more important to her and she was all dress in BLACK.

  5. Rember Diana u will one day get old and as you age you become week,you become slow disabled and when God knows we will all surely die Remember it is going to happen to all of us if God wills we become that age of many weakness Remember Man you are dust and dust you shall return

    1. If Diana is Susanna at the seminary, she is no "spring chicken." The impairment from aging should already have begun by now. Then maybe she'll develop some compassion and respect.

  6. Compassion and respect ?? Diana? Not when we are under possible attack!