Monday, November 2, 2015


This is very serious stuff. Harassment by a G4S security guard as per the instructions of Hyatt management - via "Tony"?? Let's find out who these people are. Start working on it. Meanwhile, I've asked Eileen to file a formal complaint with G4S and the Hyatt.


Hi Tim,

Today I talked to a Felix at the Hyatt security office. He refused to give me his last name.

I was complaining about a security guard who challenged me about entering the hotel after our protest concluded.  This guard had been down at the street entrance while we were there.

This G4S guard saw me holding my sign so when I tried to enter the hotel after, he challenged me as to what I was going to do in there. I told him I was going to eat in the café. I asked him why he was questioning me. I asked him if had to challenge everyone trying to enter. I later found out he challenged others protesters who went in the hotel for a snack. He never told me it was because I was a protester. 

I asked for his name but he refused to give it to me. He wasn't wearing a name tag. He said it was a matter of confidentiality and for his own protection that he couldn't give me his name. Really? Being a G4S guard at the Hyatt is so dangerous a job that guards have to remain anonymous?

I went in the hotel and to the café. I saw that the large open seating area with the restrooms at the back was blocked as tables were set up for taking tickets for the gala and the seating area was used as a gathering place for attendees. This area is across from the café.

I went around to the restroom on the opposite side near La Mirenda. Since the restroom wasn't available on the café side, I ate at La Mirenda.

After dinner, I went to the spa to get a brochure and from the spa went down the hallway back to the café to use the restroom. By this time, it was after 8 p.m. and everyone was in the ballroom.

The tables were no longer needed so I headed to the restroom as it appeared to me that the seating area was now open. It was empty except for one woman.

That same G4S guard was there and told me I couldn't use that restroom. I had to go back around to the other restroom. He said he was given instructions to block access. This area had nothing now to do with the gala except that people from the party would use the restroom in there. 

I was extremely pissed. He again refused to give me his name. I went to the front desk and told the manager on duty what happened. She came back with me to question the guard. He told her Dave in the Hyatt security office had given him instructions to block access to that area. My using the restroom wouldn't have had any impact on the goings on in the ballroom.

Now here's the clinker. I was using my walker. I walk very slowly due to severe arthritis in both hips. How much of a threat could I be? He could easily have watched me head towards the restroom. If he was concerned that I was a conniving gala saboteur, he could have walked after me (not run as I walk slowly), and prevented me from carrying out any nefarious deed against the arch and his gala.

Back to Felix in the Hyatt security office who refused to tell me his last name. After I went went over what had occurred, he told me the guards were told to be on "high alert" because of the planned protest of the gala.

We were perceived as a threat to the bishop's gala. Ha ha gotcha scared, huh, archie?


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