Sunday, November 1, 2015


Message received from someone who went to Pigo cemetery to prepare the graves of loved ones for tomorrow:

Drive in gates at Pigo closed.  People have to walk in with ladders and cleaning equipment.  I asked one of the "kids" why they closed the gates and I see old people walking in with their ladders.   He said they closed them  because they're preparing the place for tomorrow.  Smh

My note: While I can sympathize with elderly people having to haul ladders and materials into the cemetery via the sidewalk, the bottom line is you will be treated how ever you permit yourselves to be treated. 

Are any of the people who complained about being locked out of the Pigo cemetery today and who had to haul that stuff in going to be at the protest in front of the Hyatt today at 5pm? Or are they just going to grumble and go home?

Grumbling and going home is what has permitted not just these inconveniences nor even the serious injustices done to Fr. Paul and Msgr. James, but some of the most grotesque evils imaginable. And many of you know what I am referring to but...for years, you have just grumbled and went home. 

DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. At least demand that they open the freaking gate! Wow. How can anyone speak of pride when you let these kiko-idiots do this to you. 

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