Saturday, October 31, 2015


"The ones that give me the hardest time are non-natives. Some of them have left and moved on, sad to say. But even of the native ones, I really detect that they pay courtesy, but in their hearts there’s always, I don’t know what it is, whether it’s judgment against me, or whatever, or probably the way I administrate." - Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, 2003.

Here's the problem, Archbishop. The people who know you best - like you the least. And your fellow Capuchins probably knew you better than anyone - particularly the ones who have "moved on." 

In fact, many of us know exactly who you are talking about when you say "non-natives." You are talking about the now-deceased Fr. Jack Niland...who you feared. In fact - beyond the grave - you still fear him. He hangs about you like Marley's Ghost...except he's not the one in chains. You are. 

You fear him because you don't know whether he took your secrets to the grave. He may well have. But there are others...still alive. 

You should have recused yourself from ever being considered for the bishopric of this diocese. 

My advice: RESIGN while you still can - lest the Ghost of Agat Past soon visit. 

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