Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Under new NEO-RULE of David the VG/Rector, there is no "donation." It's typical neo-cult, shake-down, fleecing. The sign supposedly permits Catholics "tourist or not, to enter freely to pray and bask in the presence of God." But that's obviously another NEO-LIE.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MORE HUSH MONEY?": 

My comment is about money. It is not about money to pay for bathrooms use which I can understand would create an issue of extra upkeep and added expenses from bus loads of tourists. My comment is about money to pay for entering the Cathedral Sanctuary.

For 3 months I helped my very ill elderly neighbor with basic needs who has no family here. Out of great concern for his health an off island cousin of his came to visit him for a week in July. I took the cousin to visit historic sites during Liberation week. The very last place we visited was the cathedral as I wanted him to see the beloved statue of Mary. I told him how it was a sacred place to Chamorro's and how their faith helped them endure the pain of war and occupation which he could realize after everything else he had witnessed during the day.

The building was having some construction going on so we had to enter through the book store. As we made our way towards the Sanctuary door the woman behind the counter asked "Where are you going?". "To make a visit to the Sanctuary" I replied as I was about to open the door. She then asked, "Are you local or tourists". I just looked for a moment feeling a bit taken back as I was intent upon entering the Sanctuary before closing time for the book store. 

The gentleman responded to her he was a visitor. Without a seconds hesitation she immediately began to HIT A BIG WODDEN BOX in front of her and DEMAND A DONATION. Saying "Donation Please Donation Please" as she pounded on the box. I was utterly SHOCKED. I responded saying "We didn't want to use the bathroom we wanted to visit the Sanctuary" She continued with her pounding on the box and repeating her mantra "Donation Please Donation Please".

Appalled and embarrassed by such behavior I said to the gentleman just come here and look inside the glass door. Then we left. Needless to say he was more than surprised by the incident. I have visited many churches and temples of different faiths in different parts of the world and never have I had money demanded from me in such an aggressive way to enter a place of worship. 

I was so disgusted by the behavior and the effects it would have on people that I went to the Guam Visitors Bureau to let them know just what visitors can expect while visiting the cathedral. 

This is not my understanding or experience of either Chamorro Culture or Catholic religion. So what is it? 


  1. any chance the woman wasn't mentally coherent and didn't actually represent the cathedral in an official capacity? i don't know, though, how that would explain why she was behind the counter.

    or maybe it was diana. :)

  2. Tim you got a key I have a dollar

  3. Tim that sign saying, "to enter freely". Certainly does not depict the experience I had in any shape or form. On the way out of the book store I said to the woman behind the counter. "I had heard the bishop was a money grabber. But I couldn't really quite believe such a thing was true. Now I know it is. I have experienced it first hand for my self and I wont be back.

  4. Having just realized that the sign says We Welcome ALL OUR CATHOLIC COMMUNITY from throughout the world tourist or not. That must mean if you are NOT A CATHOLIC you are NOT WELCOME to ENTER FREELY. So now ALL NON CATHOLICs cannot enter freely. I would think that would be a lot of tourists among a very few others. So instead of asking if you are a tourist. Do they now ask " Are you a Catholic or non Catholic?" And if one is a non Catholic Is that whem they start banging on their big wooden box with their manta. Donation Please! Donation Please! Donation Please!

  5. Hence the NEO word "community". A sure tale-tell sign that they are trying to take over the Cathedral Basilica.