Monday, November 16, 2015


Diana Susanna (WHO AS OF SEPT. 20 IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE INTERNET) is all apoplectic about a "lie" she thinks she caught me in. (They are so desperate. LOL. I live rent free inside their heads!)

Poor people, we have to spell this out for them. 

I originally opposed telling the tourists that there was no bathroom when in fact there was one, though not in the gift shop. It was proposed back to me by the management that in order to let the tourists use the bathroom the cathedral would have to charge. I originally opposed that as well and proposed that we charge the tour companies a flat fee for the use of our bathrooms. I was advised that the cathedral management had been trying to negotiate this with the tour companies for several years but to no avail.

(As you can see, this is a lot more complicated than Diana's Dingbats can understand.)

Once it became clear to me (since I was new to the Cathedral in 2009) that there were only 2 options: 1) tell the tourists there was no restroom available, 2) charge for the use of the facilities since it required an exponential amount of maintenance; I then proposed a plan of how it could work, which you can read here

Around the same time I also recommended a donation box in the Cathedral since it is used as a tourist stop. Under Msgr. James, it was a "donation" not an "assessment," as it is now. Here is one of the reasons:
Unlike today when the Cathedral is neo-controlled and the Archbishop is robbing parishes of much needed monies to support his neo-Cathedral, Msgr. James had to support the Cathedral and its upkeep WITHOUT any assistance from the chancery.  
Every time Apuron had one of his big neo-parties at the Cathedral, Msgr. James and the parish of Agana had to pay for it. The chancery paid for nothing. The parish of Agana is one of the smallest on island in terms of population so Msgr. James had to constantly fund raise.  
He was able to do it because he built good will with people. I proposed the donation box as part of a way to help with the expenses - expenses incurred by Apuron and his neo-communities who met there regularly but contributed nothing to the upkeep of the Cathedral.
The fact that the new neo-rector is arrogant and aloof makes it impossible for him to tap into the people who supported Msgr. James. Thus he shakes down insurance companies, threatens banks, blames everyone, and assesses tourists.

Meanwhile, while these cowardly weirdos are squealing over whose idea it was to charge tourists to use the bathroom, Msgr. David Quitugua the Rector just racked up another $800,000 in debt, $500,000 of which went to Apuron. And for what? A little fun and frolic with Harold and the boys? Or was it for a payoff? More "hush money?" Address Arizona?


  1. DianaNovember 16, 2015 at 7:33 AM
    "The NCW is in a Church built and founded by Christ. We have nothing to do with any church built by your ancestors."


    ZoltanNovember 16, 2015 at 8:11 AM
    "They forget that freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution in the political arena." (referring to the junglewatch)

    Tim, they could go on and on as to what the opinions and feelings of people are towards the Church. But would be with argument piled upon argument. POTFABOT, may you have the power to bring this to a speedy end and let's breath some clean air for a change.

  2. Dianna and zoltan are DINGLEBERRIES with no dang brains. Even with Kiko saying they shouldn't be on the internet yet they both seem to RELY SOLELY on the Internet to convince their cult that the neocats is the NEW WAY in the Catholic Church.

    Such HYPOCRITS who only have their baseless opinions to challenge actual FACTS provided by TIM and the CCOG.

    I thank Tim and the CCOG for bringing the FACTS to light for the world to see.

  3. Hey Tim did that cigar exploded in your mouth, still wrong hole. you must've stick in alcohol, we know you love your alcohol

    1. LOL. Been awhile since we've seen the need for ESL over at RMS. Thanks for the reminder of why we need to close the place down.

    2. Anonymous @ 1146 AM: With a comment like yours is the main reason why we want the NCW out of our parishes. First you give us a "thumbs down" while your riding in your limousines to the archbishops gala, secondly are the homilies that are recited at our parishes which no one understands and finally its this comment of yours that just doesn't make any sense. Like they say here on the island: "WHO ENGLISH YOU"? The NCW and their ESL presbyters are nothing but a JOKE to the Catholic Faithful. Just get up and leave our island.

    3. Dear Anon at 11.46: Thank you for another brilliant demonstration of the wonderful fruits the NCW tree is producing.

      We had already discovered the fascination many of you have with anything hanging things, and the referrals you made about it.
      Now we are going even deeper into the subliminal, with your constant (albeit poorly worded) references to cigars and holes.
      I definitely would suggest consulting with a specialist on arrested sexual development, and its consequences.

      Unless of course you have been personally tutored by the likes of Wadeson, Pius or Brother Antony, which would then explain that.
      Hoping you will one day mature outside of the teenage sexual angst.
      Then again, if you can't, you can always ask Pius to share a glass with you, it might relax you.

  4. Yes, the NCW is in a Church built and founded by Christ because the NCW infiltrated the Church. Guam's Catholics want the NCW out of our churches. The NCW did not build our churches. Like squatters, they moved in and claimed some of our churches and parishes. Thank God the good people of Yona made a stand first for the rest of the parishes to follow.

  5. To All who have been declared HARDCORE Jungle watchers by Diana- God Bless.

  6. This is so funny and pathetic at the same time.
    Diana, the delusional, fictional character from the Hill, cannot resist going back to her/his/its natural instinct of Deny, Deflect, Deny......must be getting out of options, once more.
    Oh Well..... Have a nice week anyway. Thank you for the entertainment, dear Diana.
    You definitely are the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. what's going on in texas and now arizona?


  8. Pool parties Texas, Arizona, palm springs? Call me Tony.