Monday, November 2, 2015


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Aside from Apuron's moronic remarks - which we're used to - there is another remark that is even more disturbing:
“I don’t know why they’re there. I guess they are free to do what they want off the premises. So I really can’t comment to it because I don’t know what they’re protesting, and I don’t know who ‘they’ are,” said (Peter P. "Sonny") Ada. 

This is disturbing for two reasons. 

Ada is the current president of the archdiocesan finance council. He was selected by Apuron to replace Richard Untalan after Apuron fired Untalan so he could hide his secret deeding of the archdiocese's largest real property asset to RMS. So either Ada is lying or he is clueless, which brings us to the second point:

Ada is the President of Ada's Trust and Investment, Inc. If Ada, as president of the finance council, shows no concern or no knowledge of probably the greatest financial heist in Guam's history (easily FORTY MILLION DOLLARS), then what does that say about his ability to run a company that has the words "Trust" and "Investment" in its name?

I actually don't think Ada is clueless and I happen to believe he knows how to run an investment company. However, this illustrates the problem even further. Smart people who should know better are willing to sacrifice their brains when it comes to the dirty dealings of the kikos. (And for the most part, we know why - though we won't get into that here.)

Mr. Ada, for your reference, here is the Legal Opinion of Attorney Jacques Bronze who demonstrates:
  1. The property is completely alienated from the Archdiocese of Agana and is fully in the control of RMS.
  2. RMS is NOT in the control of Archbishop Apuron and fully in the hands of "a separate, unelected, and un-removable board having veto power over a board of directors, the officers, and the sole member, the Archbishop of Agana and his successors."
And here is the copy of the deed. 

As president of the archdiocesan finance council you have a duty to the faithful of this archdiocese to investigate the status of the property. The decisions you and your council make directly impact the financial health of this diocese. Show us that you can be trusted - lest some begin to rethink the words "Trust and Investment." 


  1. Dear Tim, understand from inside sources that this subject was never brought to the attention of the current AFC. In fact, very few matters are being brought before them. They are all being filtered by the Finance Officer Deacon Kim and Chancellor Adrian. It seems that they are told only what the VG and Chancellor wants them to know.

    1. Dear Anonymous, CCOG Vice-President, David Sablan, personally met with Ada and John Weisenberger and brought it to their attention.

    2. Also, CCOG President, Greg Perez, confirmed that he gave Ada a full copy of the documents that were being distributed at the village meetings which included a full explanation of the RMS issue with all the supporting documentation. Mr. Perez confirmed that Mr. Ada never got back to him. A copy of the documents may be found here:

  2. Boycott ADA investment. It is really that simple! We do it support accessories to crimes committed on this island! Words of the wise: leave the finance council and resign immediately. This is great publicity for a private business firm that needs to feel the pinch!

  3. It seems to me that if smart people like Sonny Ada and John Weisenburger are not being informed then they would be smart enough to tell the Archbishop to fix it or we quit. But they are gladly there getting their checks and who knows what other perks. If they are honorable people, like I thought they were, they should not want to be associated with that sham of a board.
    Is Marilyn Megofna still on the board or did she finally decide her integrity was more important than the title of being Tony's adviser/accomplice?

  4. Anonymously Dumb Ada, Attention Deficit Ada, Apuron Directs Ada, Apuron Denies Ada, ...

  5. Sad little boys, wanting a place in history, unable to get rid of their need for a high chair.

  6. Apuron is going to fall down hard! Luckily for Ada, he's already down there.

  7. I love how the NEO leadership act so stupid whenever a question is asked about church protesters, division in the church, etc. It just goes to show that there's a hidden agenda behind the facade they display or they really are that STUPID!!!

  8. Not stupid. Not even hidden agenda. They are counting on our kindness to allow them to steal our church for their personal use.
    People we must not let this happen. Time to remove the gloves and make them understand that we will not relinquish our church to those cultist heretics.