Friday, December 4, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

We're accused of speaking calumnies when we talk of the "cult of personality" surrounding Kiko Arguello in the Neocatecumenal Way, but..

It's all about him, brother.  They're He's "called to save this generation."  Now shut up and pass that trash bag.

"Camino Neocatecumenal, Llamados a Salvar Esta Generacion", Jose Luis Diez Moreno, Incipit Editores, Madrid, 2004
Cover :Photo:  Kiko Arguello at Herod's Amphitheater, Caesarea Maritima, Israel 


  1. Saw an old interview with Kiko bird. The collections have to be for work on his black teeth. Ewwww

  2. yet another confirmation of how the neocats view themselves.

    for the sake of accuracy, though, the "llamados" being plural refers to the group rather than to kiko. but yes, as its leader and founder, it's obvious how the group sees him. fundadorísimo? salvadorísimo?

  3. If it's not just about him, then where is Carmen on the cover of this book? Or Fr. Mario? Or Kiko's community? He has a community, right?

  4. Il Duce! We know how dictators end up.

  5. The ability of this man to lead the masses into error is truly unbelievable! To deceive so many people - and make them follow him in error - is truly quite a feat! But then, again, so were Hitler, Mussolini, Karl Marx, Stalin, Toio, and all the despots down the ages - not to forget Jim Jones of recent memory. But what I find even more amazing is how his flock continues to follow him, when his errors are so blatantly wrong! I know psychological conditioning is at work here. I guess rationality has to be totally discarded for so many intelligent people to be so entrapped! I pray for the "victims" of such a snare. Sure would like to get my hands on the book "Llamados a salvar esta generacîon" - sure would make for good bathroom reading! - jrsa (12/4/15)

    1. Just for accuracy's sake, Karl Marx was not a despot or even a political (or religious) leader like the others in this list. He was an author and philosopher. As for leading people astray, probably no philosopher has been without a legitimate critic or completely error-free in his/her thinking, so, in some sense, your larger point is well taken.

  6. Tim, you can't be serious! These neos are accusing us of calumny? Balderdash to the max!!! How about them calumniating against the people of the Archdiocese of Agana just to extort property and to win over recruits? How about them calumniating against the Roman Catholic Church just to deceive everyone about their true intentions? Hah! Calumny should be the last accusation they level on us when all they can come up with are trite parroting of their kikomen! These neofolks are not supposed to be coming into JW blogsphere but they keep reading because in spite of angry and hurtful comments, they know people here speak the truth and that Tim, Chuck, Frenchie and other knowledgeable people back up their statements with credible research and commentaries. Frankly, it is good that neos visit JW to get a balanced perspective, and hopefully come to a mature respectable decision about their future and that of their children.

  7. It's all about him. No one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ, not Kiko, not Tony Boy and definitely not Putrid Pius. It's evident that all the presbyters and neocats show reverence to this man (yes, he's just a man), that they will go to the ends of the earth for him. Pathetic.

  8. I would like so much to read this book, the problem is the difficulty to find it. Once I saw an offer to buy second hand, but too much expensive. In Google you can only read selected pages. The author is quite well informed, the book is full of page notes whith very interesting sources. This book has been silenced, I think Kiko didn't like it. In my opinion it's the best book written of the Way.

  9. He should stop biting his nails. That's a hard habit to break.