Friday, January 22, 2016


Lately the poor fools on Apuron's side have given up on blaming me and the CCOG for the battleground that this diocese has turned into and retreated to their former position that this is "a priest problem." 

I see this as a great victory for our side. 

For more than two years, they have had every opportunity to discredit me and not once have they produced a single shred of evidence or documentation to disprove any of the allegations that I have made against the Neocatechumenal Way or my documentation of Apuron's own long list of "crimes" (which you can see here). They've even given up bashing the CCOG.

So they default to their favorite whipping boys: "the priests." Essentially they mean Fr. Paul, Msgr. James, Fr. Mike Crisostomo and Fr. Efren. However, the facts are on the side of the priests, NOT Apuron. 

In 2010, these priests and several others put up tens of thousands of dollars of their own money to try to resolve the problems between Apuron and "the priests." Seeing the gathering storm on the diocesan horizon, they invited in a group of experts from Georgetown University to facilitate several sessions aimed at "cultivating unity" in our diocese and heading off problems before they exploded. 

In fact, the final report by the Georgetown group was titled "Cultivating Unity" and it can be read here. In addition, an entire Action Plan to address the issues was developed. You can read it here

But after tens of thousand of dollars spent over several months of planning and several days of intense discussions and work, and the many hours spent on providing the final report and action plan, the hoped for "unity" came to NOTHING. 



Apuron never had any intent of ever doing anything. He has never been interested in unity. He has never even been interested in the Catholic Church. For him, all was a vehicle for his own personal luxury ride through life...and to put himself as far from the memory of April 15, 1977 as he could.

But the memory has returned. In fact it never left. For forty years it has been beating ever more loudly under the floor of his comfy little bed - right where the toadstool chancellor put it. It showed up in person in 2000. And  it is about to show up in person again. And unable to pound the deafening rot out of his own soul, he pounds other souls: "the priests," simply because they cannot fight back. 

Even now, Apuron wants to run. He wants to get out of here, away from here, anywhere but here. He has already said he doesn't care anymore, not even about the Neocatechumenal Way, not even about the seminary. He knows it's over. 

So why is he still here? Because he is being held hostage. Adrian and his evil fools know that when Apuron is gone, they are gone too. So they prop him up in his cage and feed him scraps, just enough to keep him alive and keep them in power, even though it is now obvious to all that they are all spiritual cadavers. 

Meanwhile, the tell-tale heart continues to .... tell the tale.


  1. This post especially "tell the tale" makes me think of Aloe Blacc's song "Ticking Bomb". David Taranto, parishioner St James, Brighton,Australia.

  2. Perfect analogy! Edgar Allan Poe!