Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Credit to Jose Martinez. Copied from his FB page here

Sad little neo-cult. Three years and we have accomplished nothing. LOL. The neo-cult and its sad little fetish for numbers. Given that after three years Jesus's only "accomplishment" was a following of a teenage kid and a couple of women including his mother at the foot of the cross, apparently - according to the neo-cult - Jesus was a failure too. 

If nothing else it once again shows the extreme pre-pubescent psychological and spiritual immaturity of the neo-cult. It took the Church nearly 300 years to rid itself of Arianism, and then only partially. The heresy continues to this day in the non-trinitarian religions such as Jehovah's, Iglesia ni Cristo, Mormons, and yup, the Neocatechumenal Way. 

Kiko Arguello teaches that Jesus is not God, that he was a man just like us who "experienced the forgiveness of the Father." Here is the transcript and audio file of one of Kiko's "priests," invited to Guam by Archbishop Apuron and sponsored by Adrian Cristobal, teaching permanent diaconate candidates on Guam that Jesus was a sinner. 

You can also see the elimination of the Trinity clearly in Kiko's art, as Chuck White demonstrates here

And speaking of the devil, which spirit is most likely to mask and shroud itself in a false identity? The spirit of God or the spirit of Satan? 

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