Friday, January 22, 2016


Today is January 22. It is the sad anniversary of a Supreme Court decision that has led to the holocaust of at least 53 Million dead children - vacuumed, scraped, torn, or poisoned in and from their mother's wombs. 

Across the nation this sad anniversary is being marked by protests, marches, speeches, and pro-life events of all kinds. Even the news of a blizzard is not hindering the hardy warriors for life in Washington D.C. 

But on Guam? NOTHING. Not a peep. Why?

Because on Guam, our Apuron-led church has always done its little demonstration on the nearest Sunday - when it is convenient, rather than on the actual anniversary when the rest of the pro-life nation, in union, speaks loudly in one voice against the inhumane assault on the most innocent and defenseless of us all. 

More so, our archdiocese organizes its annual Roe v Wade event on Sunday because then they can get all the school kids to participate so it gives the impression that there really are lots of people - but there aren't. Like everything else our archdiocese publicly does, in order to give the impression of a large amount of support, it relies on the schools to turn out their students to these events - and in some cases students are even required to attend. 

It's quite ridiculous. Not only does it occur on a day which has nothing to do with the anniversary of the decision and when it is not in union with the rest of the nation, our supposed pro-life "demonstration" (a "wave" at the ITC intersection) is done on a day when there will be the fewest people to see it: a Sunday. 

So once again, on a meaningless day, and on a day when there is the least traffic, Guam's Catholic school kids will be herded to a street corner and made to yell and wave in order to prop up a mostly absent leader (he'll be absent altogether this time I hear) so he can look like he actually cares. 

Sadly, once we do our "wave" and having once again congratulated ourselves on being "pro-life," we will go home and forget about the "silent screams" till next year. Meanwhile, Guam's abortion mill, publicly supported and championed by the businesswoman to whom Apuron gives most of his business to, will continue to chop up children at the rate of almost one a day - most of whom are Chamorro, while the bishop plans his next trip with Harold. 

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