Tuesday, January 12, 2016


"If it is really him in _____, then it is typical of how Gennarini moves sexual predators, from one post to another, preferably as far as possible."

Upon learning about and confirming the whereabouts of "the presbyter," I checked with my various international sources for further intel and received the above. 

Neither the name of "the presbyter" nor his location can be mentioned publicly because the security and position of the Catholic Church and the Catholic faithful in that place is tenuous. 

According to my source, it is quite possible that Gennarini was involved in purposely placing "the presbyter" there not only because the place is relatively obscure, but because people like me would be hesitant to expose his whereabouts because of the danger it could bring to the whole Catholic community in that place. 

They are right. I won't publicly "out" him so long as he is there. I happen to care about the Catholic Church even if the Neocats and their goons do not. 

Here is a piece of intel confirming my speculation:
"The main problem is Bishop XXXX. He is collecting the money to build the church in (name of country) and this is probably part of his deal with the NCW. I am sure he knows everything, and he knows that we can't protest publicly because of very strict cyberlaw in (name of country). Check the website of XXXX News, there is a new article about it."
The presbyter's record is public regardless of whether or not I publicize it. There are over 20 news stories with his name, his alleged offense, his recorded offense, and the record of his arrest. There is no doubt that at some point his record would have caught up with him at his present location and thus placed the entire Catholic community in that region in harm's way. 

Here is more intel from another source. Critical info which could identify the location has been edited out:
"Bishop XXXX is very friendly to Kiko and Filoni. The NCW started in (date) under the predecessor of Bishop XXXX, a Bosnian named XXXX, who left in June. In (name of country), they did not have anything so far, except the visits of Fr. XXX who is the NCW presbyter in (name of city).  He appears to be a clone of The Juice.  So if they sent (the presbyter) there, it is very recent. The situation in (name of country) is very difficult.  The XXX allowed the Church to be built there only recently. There are an estimated XXX to XXX thousand Catholics living there. Mostly poor migrants and a few expats. There was strong opposition from the XXX. There is a XXX in (name of country), calling for the destruction of all Catholic churches in the region. They consider it as holy land and therefore not fit for other faiths. Bishop XXXX is in (name of country) since (year). He is a protege of Filoni and Canizares. He is the "go-to" bishop for the Gennarini's. They are from the same area in Italy. The Israeli venture (Domus Galileae) had him quite involved from the start. He is now the Apostolic Vicar of (name of region), which is a new territory that includes, (names of countries). It is a new region."
The real story here is for Rome to see. We can only imagine how hard the office of the Vatican Secretary of State has worked to hold the little Catholic Church together in this region and keep it safe. Yet Gennarini and his Neocatechumenal Way show no regard for those efforts nor for the safety of the mostly poor Catholics who live there.

But then we are are used to that. We have seen their total disregard for the Church here in Guam: lying, cheating, stealing, defrauding, calumniating, and quite simply the outright trashing of our real priests and our Church here in Guam to serve their clandestine purposes. 

So we are not surprised that the likes of Gennarini and the kiko-freaks would think nothing of putting a whole community of Catholics at risk by hiding "the presbyter" there while we in Guam are still on the hook for paying all his bills the rest of his life. 

This is extremely dangerous stuff and we hope there are still enough good people in Rome who will not only take swift action to preserve the Catholic community in that location, but who will finally take action against the absolute lawlessness of the Neocatechumenal Way and its predatory trafficking in presbyters under the guise of the "new evangelization." 

NOTE: A few days after receiving the initial intel, I received an inquiry asking if I knew of another presbyter named "Pedro" who has recently joined "the presbyter." Anyone seen Pedro lately?

MORE INTEL: Someone present at Pedro's organization relayed the message that at the conclusion of Pedro's ordination ceremony, Apuron made no mention of the new priest's assignment, something he always does. And since the ordination, there has been no aviso of an assignment. 

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