Monday, January 11, 2016


Rudy started telling on Tony.
Tony started telling on Rudy.

Don't mess with me Rude-ee.


  1. Let's see Rudy cuss his way out of this one...Lol.

  2. I was a Mongmong parishioner at that time, and I remember when poor Fr Patrick Garcia started after Fr Rudy's departure he had quite a mess. Fr Rudy basically considered all property his and took it all to his next assignment, leaving the new pastor with almost nothing.
    Most people in Mongmong were just happy to see Fr Rudy leave, so we helped Fr Patrick basically rebuild the parish.

    And yes, he was definately Fr Rudee even back then. So at least you could say that the neo didn't make him worse. Nor did it seem to improve his bitter disposition. Sad excuse for a priest, especially with all the talk of him having unsavory relations with another adult.

    Is he finally retired? The archdiocese website no longer shows him as a priest at St Anthony. Hope they had a proper party after he left. Is he living full time now with the "short one"?

    1. Is he living full time now with the short one? For 23 years for sure for sure


    2. Rudy you need to leave Guam for your own salvation.
      Destined for the fires of hell.


    3. Rudy you need to leave Guam for your own salvation.
      Destined for the fires of hell.


  3. Remember this incident. Rudy spread among the clergy Archbishop Apuron was engaged in a sexual relationship named party. Archbishop Apuron intended to remove Fr. Rudy from Guam. This led to Archbishop questioning Fr. Rudy on the woman who was known to stay over in Mongmong rectory. Guess birds same feather fly together.

  4. Birds of a feather, they all flock together. Rudee, you want to hang with the eagles, you got to quit hanging out with those turkeys. Wait, Its too late for you..turkey..

  5. BTW, Rudy, did you want to tell us more about Cashee and her "personal banker"?


  6. Oh dear Rudy were you also in a relationship with cashee and her personal banker.
    What you will do for money Rudy.
    It's all about money for you Rudy.
    Let's face it you pleaded to stay for money.
    Now you rob those poor nuns of Carmel.
    Eye is watching Rudy.
    Leave Guam Rudy .
    Enemies watching you.
    And you Viv you might learn of other women in your lovers life.