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Artistic rendering of kiko-cult members attending a recent convivence.
The Diana is useful because she continues to give us opportunities to share the truth over and over again. And as you can see from the thousands of views daily and almost every country on the face of the earth logging in, it is quite probable that the neo-cult is being exposed as never before. So thank you Diana. Now, let's use you again.

  1. The Dingbat will write anything to keep its diciples on the road to damnation...

    DianaJanuary 1, 2016 at 3:02 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 2:18 pm,

    I had to go into the jungle to find that quote because you did not leave a weblink. At any rate, I found it. I looked at Tim's source. He quoted "Inside the Vatican." "Inside the Vatican" leads to an article written by Sandro Magister. Sandro Magister is the author of an anti-Neo website, which is found here:

    Sandro Magister has been known to criticize Pope Francis, and he was banned from the Vatican Press 6 months ago for publishing a draft letter of the Pope that was not meant to be published because it was only a draft. He is also involve in a scandal for releasing a letter signed by 12 cardinals. Three of the cardinals said they never signed that letter. (See the weblink below):

    DianaJanuary 1, 2016 at 3:12 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 2:48 pm,

    For your information, Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass in the Neocatechumenal Way when he was Cardinal Ratzinger. When he became Pope, he definitely made a change in the way the Body of Christ was received. The NCW now receives the Body of Christ standing up. Then we sit and consume the Body of Christ together with the priest. The change he made was taking the Body of Christ standing rather than sitting.
As you can see, The Diana can refute none of my points in PIUS LIED. SOULS DIED. She had to resort to digging up a link to Sandro Magister's blog which she call's an anti-neo website. LOL, Diana. Magister has been writing his Chiesa blog since 2002 and averages 3 post per week. That's 2,184 posts. Now go to the search box at the top right corner of the blog and type in the word "neocatechumenal." The number of articles using the word "neocatechumenal" is 43. 

Your pathetic little Neocatechumenal Way only amounts to 0.01% of what Magister writes about and the last time the Neocatechumenal Way was even mentioned on his blog was a whole year ago in January of 2014, yet you call his blog an anti-Neocatechumenal Way website.

Do you see why we call you a dingbat, Diana? Do you see why I call your blog a whorehouse? You sleep with anything , any scrap of information no matter how cheap so long as it appears to protect your disease-ridden founder.

But let's go on, shall we?

Even if you strike all reference to the news story and completely eliminate Magister's blog from my post, you still have my main points:

1. There is no bishop in your hierarchy. Your sole source of authority is how close your catechist, Pius the Putrid, is to Kiko: Pius-Gennarini-Kiko. There is no bishop. Well at least we are in agreement on that. We don't have a bishop either, not since he decided to become Pius's pet dog. 

2. If permission for your communion rite had been granted separately from the Statute in 2008, there would have been no need for that approval to be sought afterwards. Yet, there was. 

Disregarding Magister's account, there is still the matter of what Pope Benedict actually said to Kiko and his cult on 20 JAN 2012 (unless the dingbat wants to attack the pope too).

Now pay attention, Diana. Here's what the pope said to you:
"...the Neocatechumens may celebrate the Sunday Eucharist in the small community, after the first Vespers of Sunday, according to the dispositions of the diocesan bishop (cf. Statute, art. 13 § 2). 
Now. let's stop there for a minute. Note: The pope says "according to the dispositions of the diocesan bishop," and then he quotes chapter and verse of your Statute. Now why does he say this? Ummm, because the pope is Catholic. I know that's a surprise for you. But in the Catholic Church the liturgy is governed and guarded by the diocesan bishop - or at least it is supposed to be (we'll have to make an exception for Guam). 

But in your hierarchy - as you demonstrate in PIUS LIED. SOULS DIED - there is no place for the diocesan bishop. In matters regarding the liturgy - and faith and morals as well - all depends on the line of catechists connected directly to Kiko. Those are your words, Diana. Not mine. Thus, you confirm for us that the Neocatechumenal Way is OUTSIDE the Catholic Church since your hierarchy is not apostolic. 

Let's go on. The pope says:
However, every Eucharistic celebration is an action of the one Christ together with his one Church and is therefore essentially open to all who belong to his Church. This public character of the Blessed Eucharist is expressed in the fact that every celebration of Holy Mass is ultimately directed by the bishop as a member of the Episcopal College, responsible for a specific local Church (cf. Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, n. 26). 
Oops. There it is again. The pope's insistence that the Mass is "ultimately directed by the bishop." Now let's look at the words of Archbishop Apuron when he was asked about the liturgical practices of the Neocatechumenal Way at the Yona parish meeting in December of 2014:
Rome has approved it – even the way we’re receiving Communion. That they receive the host standing and they can sit down and everybody who receives it and they eat together, as the Priest stands and says, “Behold the Lamb of God…” you know, the acclamation before and they receive it sitting down. Rome has given permission for that. And it’s somewhere I need to find out where exactly, but they told us that permission is given. 
"They told us." LOL. Do you see the problem, Diana? Poor "Tony" only sees himself as one of Kiko's sheep. A real bishop would have received any instruction regarding the liturgy directly from the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments, not from an anonymous "they" to an "us." Never mind the fact that after a full year he still hasn't found "it." 

On a larger note, this is why the faithful of Agana must NOT obey "Tony," simply because his use of "we" and "us" whenever he speaks of the Neocatechumenal Way, separates him from the rest of the faithful. He really is one of you, JUST one of you. And more than that, he has abdicated his episcopal seat by ceding his authority of liturgical governance to a "they told us." Thanks for the opportunity - again - to point this out. 

Let's go on:
It is the task of the celebration in the small communities — regulated by the liturgical books that must be faithfully followed, with the details approved in the Statue of the Way -
There it is, Diana. Once again, and again, and again, and again. If there was any other document the pope would have mentioned it here. You claim there was an additional document giving permission for your communion rite after the 2008 publication of your Statutes. Yet in 2012, the pope makes no mention of it. You have only two guides: 1) the liturgical books (the Missal and the GIRM), and 2) "the details approved in the Statute of the Way." 

And, as also referenced in my previous post, Pope Francis in a letter to Kiko dated 3 APRIL 2014, from the Vatican Secretary of State, restates what Pope Benedict stated two years earlier:
" far as it pertains to the celebrations of the Paschal Vigil and the Sunday Eucharist, […] articles 12 and 13 [of the Statutes], read in their entirety, constitute therefore the regulatory charter of reference."
Pope Francis references NO OTHER instruction, love note, missive, text, email, facebook post, or anything else by which the NCW is to govern its practice. Your only defense is that you haven't personally been spanked for disobeying. Well, Diana, bend over. I'll do it for him. LOL. Courage. 

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