Saturday, January 2, 2016


Do you have any idea the danger you have put those people in by placing him in that country? It appears you used your O'Malley connection.

More notes to "Tony"

A mustache?


  1. oh great. is apuron now exporting notorious people to other countries?

    i hope the o'malley connection is not through the wider ofm cap network.

    1. it is. dangerous situation. amazing what these people are willing to lower themselves to. more to come.

    2. I assume the photo on the left is presbyter Wadeson. Hard to make out since it is a side view.

    3. No. Nothing to do with Wadeson. Far more dangerous than that. The link to the pic shows O'Malley. The other two aren't important.

  2. The O'Mallet connection? Could this be his political connection to get votes as the next pope should Pope Frances vacate the Papal throne?

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  4. A clue to you all: who left the island, in somewhat similar circumstances than Wadeson, because of a indiscretion with a minor?
    Spirited in the dark, to destination unknown. The shadow told us later he was spotted in Israel.....
    Apuron and his agents have spirited him to a new place.
    A place where we as Catholics are not particularly welcome.
    A place who could be dangerous for the people harboring this individual, unknown to them of course. People who have labored hard to serve the many catholics in that hostile environment, are now in danger because Tony and his goons, have decided to hide him there.

    The problem being none of us can tell who and where, since it would endanger our Catholic brothers and sisters.
    We can only pray that the local faithful, who are now aware, ask for him to be sent away. Another example of the selfishness and evil nature of the neocats, and our so called leaders.

    1. Yes. This is it exactly. The bishop there and Gennarini are best buds. They think nothing of endangering the church. Let's hope there are still some decent people in Rome who think otherwise. I have a picture of the subject person in the location and corroboration from witnesses. They are genuinely afraid of what will happen to their church should the person's record become known. I have forwarded everything to Rome. If you respond to this post please understand that I cannot name the person or his location but can only speak generally. It is important that Rome knows that I know.

  5. A club. Of sorts, ya

  6. Tim:

    Speaking of John Wadeson, while he is not the subject of your post, I was intrigued by the early guesses as to who was there. In looking at a photo gallery of the O'Malley trip to Domus Jerusalem, who's face pops up but that of our own Presbyter John Wadeson. While the photos talk about a pilgrimage of 54 people from "Boston, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Miami and Mexico" our intrepid globe-trotter managed to find his way from Guam to Israel for the event. Funny, I didn't get a card from the presbyter thanking me for funding his trip. How rude of him! Below is a link to just one of the many photos showing our jet setting kiko-nut.

    I would imagine, if we looked at any random set of photos of a kiko event anywhere but Guam, you are likely to find one of our wayward presbyters or seminarians saying cheese for the camera.

    The threats of eternal damnation if you leave the Way may keep the weak kikos hopelessly lost in their community. But the lure of elite travel status keep the greedy coming back for more, especially bishops, presbyters, and presbyter wanna-be seminarians.

    Does this disgust anyone but me?

    1. It does point out something serious and I believe I am going to see about suing Apuron. Wadeson was reportedly incardinated in this diocese in 2004 but has spent nearly all of those years elsewhere. I believe he only drops in to Guam when there is a nice event for him to show his face at. Yet we are on the hook for his stipend, his medical care, his retirement, and who knows what else. This is a crime.

    2. I thought an Archbishop was required to post a public announcement (Ad Viso?) anytime a priest was reassigned or incardinated. I don't ever recall seeing the Fr Wadeson announcement in the Pacific Voice/U Matuna. I believe there have been several other presbyters incardinated in Guam under the radar. Fr Santiago comes to mind. How many others are there? We may never know because our Archbishop is a flat out liar, and he will never publish this information because he knows it will infuriate the people.

      We have a number of Filipino priests that have faithfully served this archdiocese for decades but have not been incardinated here, yet a kiko-nut comes to Guam and is immediately accepted by our Archbishop. (Even if they have the cloud of sex abuse hanging over their head.)


    3. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchJanuary 4, 2016 at 5:21 PM

      There is also another possibility to travel expense that Tim and Janet B are not considering.

      In my time with the Way, although is was not a catechist or responsible, just a brother, we all heard stuff. One of the things I recall not being happy with was when we were encouraged to give money for communities outside of Guam that were starting up. We were reluctant and sparse givers to those requests. But my catechist let slip that whatever shortfall we had from our quota would be made up for by the Archbishop. That kind of let us off the hook.

      So I know that Archbishop Anthony funded these worldwide calls for help through Archdiocese funds. And ...

      If that happens on Guam, you can be sure it also happens in places like Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, etc. I believe the world wide true Church is funding all these excursions by NCW priests. If Guam were to pay all the expenses of its priests it would be too obvious. So Guam pays for some, and other people pay for trips like Fr John Wadeson in 2013. Then when Fr XYZ from Poland wants to travel to Brazil (as an example) our diocese may foot part of that bill. It really is a high form of money laundering, by spreading the payments around, it is harder to track where the money is coming from and where it is going.

      The point here is that people throughout the world now read Jungle Watch. And if they think it is solely our problem they would be wrong. Even they are affected by the problems here on Guam. And they are also affected by problems in all other places that the NCW exists.

      This is a global crisis, and the global community needs to start speaking out! If you are commenting from other countries, let us know which country so people start to get a feel for how wide-spread this problem really is.

      Together, we must make our collective voices heard.

    4. I receive private messages regularly from former members of the Way, many from other countries. I always encourage them to share with the world through this blog. However, in general, their experience is so wounding, so damaging, that they just don't want to share it outside a private message. And after reading many of them I can see why. Suicide, falling away from the faith altogether, complete alienation from families after years in the Way, a complete disorientation to life outside the Way...these are just some of the gaping wounds I read about. Some don't even want to reveal where they are from lest they be found out and further hurt by the communities they used to belong to. In one case there is an actual mob bad guy who "takes care" of those who speak out too much against Kiko. There is serious fear. And the prelates who authorize this and stoke it will pay someday severely for it. I've never heard or seen anything more evil than this.

    5. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchJanuary 4, 2016 at 5:58 PM

      This is truly tragic and pathetic. I hope the Holy Father begins to realize that global warming is a problem that the Church has very little control over, but that the NCW is a problem he has complete control over.

      While I want to see a solution to global warming, the method is extremely complex. However, the NCW problem is fairly straight forward. With compassion but firmness of conviction, the Holy Father must layout/re-emphasize the guidelines for the NCW to follow in order to allow them to remain a Catholic entity. If they do not wish to follow the Church then they may leave.

      And we should all remember that this was done before with the timefrmes given by Rome for when the NCW was supposed to comply, but that was under Benedict. Now Francis must set a short period for compliance, a methodology to verify, and then let's move forward.

      I am tired, but from what Tim has shared, lives are actually at stake. Please come to our aid, Holy Father!

    6. A Priest in Fear of Exposing His IdentityJanuary 4, 2016 at 6:30 PM

      Anonymous January 4, 2016 at 5:03 PM talks about the Archbishop's requirements about public notice, and they are correct. But the problem is actually far worse. It is another example of how our shepherd violates rules that were meant to protect the Church and protect the people of the Church.
      Before an incardination can even be publicly announced, there is a series of reviews that must be carried out. First, our Archbishop must present the priest's background to two of his highest councils: the Presbyteral Council, and the College of Consultors. Since I was not a member of either of these two groups for the recent incardinations of several Filipino priests, I cannot say whether or not these priests were presented as required. But all indications are that they were not, and the Statutes were violated.
      However, I did serve on the council when Fr Wadeson was supposedly incardinated and perhaps a few other foreign priests, but we were never consulted by the Archbishop. This clearly violates our Archdiocesan Statutes.
      Second, and I believe Deacon Martinez was relieved of his duties as sex abuse coordinator for pointing this out, by our own sex abuse policy, the Archbishop must do a thorough background check and psychological examination. This was obviously skipped in the case of Fr Wadeson since the Archbishop claims to have known nothing about Fr Wadeson's history in Los Angeles.
      If the Archbishop wants his flock to follow the teachings of the Church, and if he wants his clergy to follow the rules of Canon Law and our Statutes, then he should start leading the way by paying strict attention to it himself.


  7. This guy Wadeson not serving in the archdiocese with salary, medical care, retirement, plus plus is costing Guam at least $30,000 a year. That is $30,000 of Guam money not only being sent off island, but also money that could better be used for ministry and health care for priests sisters nuns who actually live work on island. Wadeson is what we know, how many more are we paying for out of money given to our church? Serious questions.

  8. Since the person Tim was talking about is also a priest incardinated in Guam, we can also assume that his travel bills to first Israel, and now to his secret location, which actually endangers the local Catholics, have been put up by the Archdiocese of Guam.
    That makes at least two sexual abusers, who have been spirited away, by the Archbishop under the guidance of Pius (he is an expert at this, having been spirited away from Malta and Toronto to our shores)and most of all Genarini and his gang of hoodlums.
    Not only is the Archbishop not following his already weak "sexual abuse code of ethics" (or lack thereof), he completely ignores it, and uses his connections and our money to do so.
    This is a gross mismanagement, of the kind the Pope himself has spoken often and loudly against.
    It is obvious to even the most blind and most deaf, that Archbishop Apuron, not only is a demonstrated poor administrator, even poorer leader, but above all has been going against all fundamental code of ethics and basic moral standing.
    If anything, this is another stark demonstration of the total ineptitude of this Archbishop.
    He has been a failure at all level.
    From the personal side, and his many and repeated sins, but also in his priestly and episcopal duties.
    How far down, has one Archbishop to go, before all his flock and the leaders of this Church realize that he must be put out of his misery for his own sake, and mostly for the sake of the Church and the faithful?
    Are you listening Catholics of Guam?
    Are you listening Rome?
    Are you listening dear Archbishop who decided to give the green light to hosting this abuser, and therefore endanger your own flock?
    All this for what dear Archbishop?
    Because Kiko is going to raise money for a new Church, with his ugly icons, and even worse architectural monstrosity?
    Is this going to make you look good in Rome Archbishop?
    At what price?
    Is your soul worth the price Apuron, Pius the Putrid, Kiko and most of all your pal Genarini, have asked you to pay????
    I doubt it, but we know the appeal to your Ego....don't we?

    1. Underline, bold, red....the Appeal to your EGO. He is unbelievable manipulated. It is sooo easy. It's a really easy game. Signed, in the know.

    2. The archbishop does not listen nor read. HE DOESN'T CARE!! His handlers are doing all the fancy footwork to dupe the public. Tim is so right about the faithful needing to step up. IT IS OUR FIGHT. STEP UP GUAM OR SHUT UP!! The archbishop is counting on the latter. This is why he continues to say he's untouchable.

    3. you are correct Anon at 9.51, he does not care.
      I would diverge on his handlers doing the "fancy foot work".
      Their continuous putting of their feet in their own mouth, can hardly be described as fancy footwork. Stubborn perhaps, but definitely not fancy.
      They have become infamous for their ineptitude and gross inadequacies.
      This is making it even more strident, that HE DOES NOT CARE, because if he did, even a tiny little bit, he would not let these "jokers" continue to prove how poorly trained they really are.
      You can be only so bad, at making your lies their case, nothing is believable.... the whole thing is a total sham. It is even more blatant, because they are so out of their league, and so arrogant, that unless you chose to be totally blind and totally deaf, you cannot miss how catastrophic they really are at all levels. So yes, do step up and be counted.

  9. It is so apparent that HE DOES NOT CARE. Is his his fabulous pick for Rector back yet? He does not care. Do you think that he made the pick???? What a joke. Someone should care . Anybody? What ever became of the visit of the Rector Magnificent? Guess he doesn't care about the Lateran. Granting degrees to graduat s of fake seminary? Really, Rector Magnicent, don't you care?