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Criminals can run, and receive protection from like-minded individuals, but they cannot hide. Archbishop Apuron is complicit in harboring a disturbed individual by shuffling him off where he can do more damage than get the psychological intervention for this twisted presbyter. 


  1. Isnt it ironic how brother tony just accepts these individuals with open arms, gives them a parish to run and then hides them when they are caught, yet thrashes real priests publicly? The stupidity also is that he was actively in the media thrashing the real priests in the publics eyes yet when his cult-creation was caught, he hides and avoids the cameras and the faithful Catholics who just seek the truth. Hypocrites will always be hypocrites.....

    1. You are absolutely right about that. Imagine if either Fr. Paul or Msgr. James had been arrested - as this priest was. We would have heard no end to the public trashing of either priest. In fact, Apuron would have made sure they were prosecuted an locked up for the rest of their lives. Yet, in this neo-presbyter's case, tens of thousands of our dollars are being used to shuffle and hide him around the world. More later.

    2. Yes anon at 7.56 and yes Tim, you are both right.

      For the Archbishop, it goes of course totally contrary to what the Church has recommended and advocated, since the terrible scandals of sexual abuse within the Church.
      It goes of course against the Archdiocese own sexual abuse policy (if you can call it that)"for sure, for sure". This in itself is disqualifying Apuron totally and without doubt.

      This is not the only case, as we have seen with the Wadeson issue. Sexual transgressions aside, the core of the sexual abuse scandals that were revealed over the years, was that Bishops, knowingly deceived the faithful, and shuffle bad apples around, who continued their predatory patterns. This was at the center of the removal of the Archbishop and his auxillary Bishop in the Minneapolis St Paul Archdiocese last year.
      What does the Archbishop do, against all common sense: exactly the same mistake.
      That in itself, should be an impeachable issue.

      The hidden issue, is that ASA did this at the request of his Catechist, the Putrid Pius, most likely under instructions from the mafia from New Jersey run by the Genarinnis.

      This is a very disturbing pattern, in how this organization shuffles presbyters around the world, may they be sexual predators or as we have seen here, but also in New Jersey and Massachussets, with swindlers and thieves. This modus operandi should raise loud alarms within the hierarchy of our Church, yet thanks to its network of powerful Bishops and Cardinals throughout the world and at the Curia (all paid and bought for, with the proceeds of their pilfering of diocesan funds and other schemes) they have so far been able to keep it on the down low.
      The perversion going as far, in this case, to have hidden said offender,in a location where such a revelation would endanger the whole Church locally.
      St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.....

      If some of you do not think, we are fighting the essence of evil, stop a minute, and read again, then you tell me.
      Support CCOG and all the other faithful groups who have risen to fight this evil.

    3. And the NEOCULT Diana says we should respect their masses yet it's them who've invaded our masses right in front of us because our Chamorro culture is to respect our elders and our religious leaders. Never openly questioning their actions and its this custom that has brought our church in Guam to where it is today. No one has ever spoken up against brother tony until Tim and the CCOG brought all these facts to light.

      I respect my elders but I do question them when the facts are there or when I personally need to understand their reasoning more. But any abuse done in the church shouldn't be kept silent and victims shouldn't be afraid of seeking help or reporting it to the proper authorities. But it all has to start with the willingness to come forward. Otherwise the abuse could happen to others and the shuffling which brother tony has shown will continue to spread.

    4. lies and deception in plain sight. this is one case where we must look to rome for justice--if there are any left in the roman hierarchy who care about serving justice. the people who should be brought to the Church's justice are not just apuron and this neo-presbyter, but anybody and everybody else who's been sheltering him and helping to shuffle him around.

      the ncw masters obviously just want this to go away. and they're counting on the Catholics of guam to eventually forget and quiet down, if not forgive altogether.

      apuron doesn't care about the Catholics of guam, let alone Catholics anywhere else. he only cares about the cult of the ncw and pleasing whomever gives him his orders.

  2. And In Diana's words, it's a "CLERGY PROBLEM". Think about the clergy brother tony openly welcomes. The RMS produces priests as if it is a fast food production order. Satisfy the need and the profits will rain in from those who dare not to question.

  3. for: Anonymous January 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM, And In Diana's words, it's a "CLERGY PROBLEM".

    yes so so true, in this case dingbat diana is correct, which I believe this is the ONLY time that the "he/it/she" has been correct about anything.

    it is a "CLERGY PROBLEM", clergy, the likes of dumb and dummer tony, dirty mouth adrain, sickly david, nut sure larry and that is just our home grown rotting fruit, then we have the traveling "CLERGY PROBLEM" in pius.

    it is a "CLERGY PROBLEM" all around the world wide, we have Pope Francis on our right, and pope kiko to our left, and our biggest "CLERGY PROBLEM" in Catholic History right smack in the middle, you can tell who they are, just look at their thumb and forefinger, you'll see it's stained and dirty, they prefer to count their money, from pope kiko, then count their blessing, from Pope Francis...

    diana for the first time in history you are correct it's a "CLERGY PROBLEM"

  4. Unfortunately the Dungbat fails to realize that AAA removed the communion rails at the Cathedral Basilica immediately after he was installed as the Archbishop. A very sad time of our church history...

    DianaJanuary 12, 2016 at 10:14 PM

    Dear Anonymous at 10:04 pm,

    Who are you to demand that communion rails be built in the cathedral basilica? Are you the Pope?

    1. The communion rails were made of Marble and was kept under the staircase of the choir loft. I once asked why was it kept there; answer was that a prestigious family had donated it when the CB was rebuilt.

  5. Why, oh, why does las Dianas constantly reference THE POPE? Tiresome, Lady Di.

  6. Hello Anon at 11.19:
    the need by the NCW to constantly use photo ops, and references to the Pope, or to what a Cardinal or another has said, (usually out of context), is totally tied up to their lack of legitimacy.
    If there was any level of genuine approval from the Curia, they would not have to constantly try to justify this or that.
    Since almost everything they do or say, is an embellishment or an all out lie, they have no other choice, to always scramble, from one hole to the other one, in their continuous web of lies.
    This is similar to the new fad of selfies that has swept the world, with people posing for 2 or 3 seconds with a famous person, to justify an urban myth of one sort or another.Some kind of virtual world fantasy .
    Carmen and Kiko have based their whole operation from the beginning, on referrals, letters of introductions, name dropping, and photos ops. The years have passed but the instinct for such operations continue. There is definitively a level of Mimetism in all of this.
    Kiko is especially found of this type of manipulation. Refer yourself to his constant use of Sartre, le pere de Foucauld, Rene Girard.
    For Carmen it was the writings of "Modernist" thinkers like Alfred Loisy,George Tyrell, Maude Petre, and Pierre Batifol which were condamned by Pius X, and are rumored to be the reason she left her order.
    You can find a little bit of each author in their own writings and theories, basically plagiarizing part of the work of each author.

    I am sure Chuck could go on, in more details about the influence of some of these authors on the two founders. I believe, he actually refers to Girard in some of his exposes. You should consult the Thoughtful Catholic to do some research.
    The Modernist connection, specially in regards to Carmen, is less known, but has had a profound effect on a lot of the views and teachings of the NCW. It actually explains some of their weirdest theories.
    Sorry, I cannot bring more on this subject at this time. It would be a very fascinating project, to deconstruct such philosophical swindle.
    The amount of time, necessary for such a job is substantial. This is probably why nobody so far, has put the pieces together.
    Thanks to this website and others, more people are connecting the dots, that in the past.
    Hence the ferocity, and the constant need for the likes of Diana, other zealots and useful idiots out there, to use the name of the Pope, in vain.