Saturday, January 23, 2016


I understand the other side is making rumblings about a law suit over the comments that were attached to the LFM flyer.  I can't think of anything more fun. 

Can you imagine Adrian actually having to take the stand under penalty of perjury? He can be asked questions about absolutely everything. OH JUST IMAGINE!!!

So before the Diana's start slobbering about suing, they should check with Adrian to see if he is willing to undergo judicial scrutiny and go to jail if he lies. 

Remember now, those comments were made by someone (Frenchie) who knows Adrian personally and for a very long time. I'm sure Frenchie, if need be, would come out from behind his alias to testify to the truth of those comments if he thought Adrian was going to sue somebody over them. 

And so would John Toves and a whole list of people who know the truth about Adrian and have never had a chance to legally dress him down. (Pardon the visual.)

Even last night I ran into someone who has known Adrian all his life and who told me that everything he has read about him on my blog is true. I got the feeling from the emotion of even that short conversation that if he/she had a chance to legally speak out against Adrian, he/she would jump at it. It seemed to me that this particular person had been waiting all his/her life to do so.

And then there's Edivaldo, who was also mentioned in the attachment to the LFM flyer. Same deal. The Diana's had better check with Edivaldo too. Are his papers in order? Were they always in order? Has he always been in the U.S. legally or was there a time when Apuron had to keep him below the radar? (And what nasty little secrets would we uncover - under penalty of perjury - about the fake seminary itself!!!! Oh, just the thought!!!!)

And his personal behavior? Wow, the defense would get to ask him all about his personal life relative to the accusation that he might "hit on your daughters." There are plenty of stories about Edivaldo's behavior in public, including another account I heard last night about his being publicly drunk. It was quite amusing actually. According to the person's story, after a slurred rant he publicly tore off his collar and shouted something which I'll leave out of this post. 

And Luis Camacho? Who was also mentioned! Oh, wow. Absolutely. We would be able to get all the lusty little deals of the Agat episode with the 17 year old that we haven't been able to get because it was "consensual." 

So, yes, tell the Diana's to do their homework before they put their pet priests in a place they may not want to be: in court. 

Personally, though, I would love all of this to go to court. My job would be done in one helluva hurry. In fact, I think we would see Rome act TOMORROW if they knew any of this was going before a judge. 

Sigh. It probably won't happen.


The Laity Forward Movement will be handbilling parishioners after this Sunday's 10AM Mass at the Barrigada Parish. Those who want to join the effort in getting the word out about what is happening to our diocese can join other members in front of the church at 10:30.

In case you are wondering why they are doing this, Archbishop Apuron himself said he didn't know why the protestors were protesting at his November 1 birthday party at the Hyatt. So a growing number of the laity are taking it upon themselves to make sure everyone knows.

Adrian, make sure you are there. 

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