Saturday, January 23, 2016


I understand the other side is making rumblings about a law suit over the comments that were attached to the LFM flyer.  I can't think of anything more fun. 

Can you imagine Adrian actually having to take the stand under penalty of perjury? He can be asked questions about absolutely everything. OH JUST IMAGINE!!!

So before the Diana's start slobbering about suing, they should check with Adrian to see if he is willing to undergo judicial scrutiny and go to jail if he lies. 

Remember now, those comments were made by someone (Frenchie) who knows Adrian personally and for a very long time. I'm sure Frenchie, if need be, would come out from behind his alias to testify to the truth of those comments if he thought Adrian was going to sue somebody over them. 

And so would John Toves and a whole list of people who know the truth about Adrian and have never had a chance to legally dress him down. (Pardon the visual.)

Even last night I ran into someone who has known Adrian all his life and who told me that everything he has read about him on my blog is true. I got the feeling from the emotion of even that short conversation that if he/she had a chance to legally speak out against Adrian, he/she would jump at it. It seemed to me that this particular person had been waiting all his/her life to do so.

And then there's Edivaldo, who was also mentioned in the attachment to the LFM flyer. Same deal. The Diana's had better check with Edivaldo too. Are his papers in order? Were they always in order? Has he always been in the U.S. legally or was there a time when Apuron had to keep him below the radar? (And what nasty little secrets would we uncover - under penalty of perjury - about the fake seminary itself!!!! Oh, just the thought!!!!)

And his personal behavior? Wow, the defense would get to ask him all about his personal life relative to the accusation that he might "hit on your daughters." There are plenty of stories about Edivaldo's behavior in public, including another account I heard last night about his being publicly drunk. It was quite amusing actually. According to the person's story, after a slurred rant he publicly tore off his collar and shouted something which I'll leave out of this post. 

And Luis Camacho? Who was also mentioned! Oh, wow. Absolutely. We would be able to get all the lusty little deals of the Agat episode with the 17 year old that we haven't been able to get because it was "consensual." 

So, yes, tell the Diana's to do their homework before they put their pet priests in a place they may not want to be: in court. 

Personally, though, I would love all of this to go to court. My job would be done in one helluva hurry. In fact, I think we would see Rome act TOMORROW if they knew any of this was going before a judge. 

Sigh. It probably won't happen.


The Laity Forward Movement will be handbilling parishioners after this Sunday's 10AM Mass at the Barrigada Parish. Those who want to join the effort in getting the word out about what is happening to our diocese can join other members in front of the church at 10:30.

In case you are wondering why they are doing this, Archbishop Apuron himself said he didn't know why the protestors were protesting at his November 1 birthday party at the Hyatt. So a growing number of the laity are taking it upon themselves to make sure everyone knows.

Adrian, make sure you are there. 


  1. Fresh of the press...The Dungbat seeks legal advise from the Almighty Zoltan. This Zombies are so clueless.

    From Diana's latest blog "Become the light of Christ"

    ZoltanJanuary 22, 2016 at 10:51 PM
    Dear Diana, I am afraid, LFM members are not aware of the possible legal consequences of anything they do. They were fooled into starting this very questionable activity and then suddenly they were abandoned. Tim Rohr abruptly panicked and disassociated himself from them and their flier of criminal content!

    I assume LFM activists did not expect this from the same person who incited their emotions with false expectations and when they followed his suggestions, he let them down in trouble. But this is exactly the essence of Junglewatch: provoking violence/ violation of the law of decency and when it happens, they wash their hands as if they are innocent.

    I am sure whatever LFM is planning to do this Sunday in Barrigada, there will be watchful eyes paying close attention to their dubious activity.

    1. LOL. At least Zoltan still give me the credit instead of deflecting this off to "a priest problem." Thank you, dear Zoltan. At least you still believe in me. LOL.

      Sadly, once again you show your sneering, condescending attitude toward local people. You treat them like they can't think and act for themselves.

      Lou Klitzkie, the leader of the LFM, was a community mover and shaker long before I came along.

      BTW, don't be surprised if Lou and her group show up at UOG next with your name and picture on their handbill. LOL. What's your office location again?

      Courage, dear Zoltan. Courage.

    2. hahaha! this is getting hilarious in the true sense.

      los dianas think they can bully the lfm around. they don't seem to realize that the lfm aren't the personalities they wanna mess with. but go ahead. i'm looking forward to the testimonies. haha.

    3. I wonder which is worse... a foot wound or losing your soul to the Devil. When will these Dungbats learn?

      The Dungbats response to the Almighty Zoltan...

      DianaJanuary 23, 2016 at 11:18 AM
      Dear Zoltan,

      As a result of the hateful things published on the LFM fliers, they have lost some of their members. On this island, people never liked "dirty politics" or "mud-slinging". The LFM pamphlets is nothing but "mud-slinging." They are only shooting themselves in the foot.

    4. LOL. They're only "hateful" if they are not true. Check w Adrian.

    5. el diana subscribes to our present-day society's definition of "hate": "to offend one's feelings."

      the ncw itself, behaving as a cult, counts on the threat of mud-slinging and "dirty politics" to keep its members in line. confess to the cult your secrets, and the cult will use your secrets to bind you. blackmail. detraction.

      and not only will the ncw sling mud on its members, but anyone else who's gotten in their way--msgr james and fr paul being the most well known. calumny.

      i read el diana's criticism of the "anonymous priest" who wished to remain anonymous because he was not free to speak his mind. el diana's retort was that the priest was free to do so, but he just didn't want to suffer the consequences. translation: we will go after you. so who's engaging in dirty politics and mud-slinging here?

  2. Yes Dungbat; it takes two for reconciliation to happen. However when you have a wolf in shepherds clothing that fails to be an example of havng a contrite heart...then you have division....The only factor not being contrite is Brother Tony...

    DianaJanuary 23, 2016 at 10:53 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 8:32 am,

    It takes two people to reconcile, not one person. If the other side is not willing to reconcile then reconciliation is not going to happen. The other side does not even want to pray the Golden Jubilee prayer TOGETHER with those who pray it. Those who refuse to pray the Golden Jubilee prayer are the ones who do not want to reconcile. Praying together is one way of reconciliation. But as you can see, those who sit and refuse to pray the prayer will not reconcile, and the Archbishop cannot force them to pray together with him.

    1. The archbishop did not write this prayer. Other people write things for him to say and publish. Heck, he doesn't even wipe his Duggan..someone else does it for him.

    2. LOL. The archbishop prays????

    3. I was anonymous @1pm on the Dungbats blog. This thingie is so delusional and drunk from all that KAKA.

      AnonymousJanuary 23, 2016 at 1:00 PM
      Your are correct takes two for Reconciliation to occur. The one thing lacking is the Contrite spirit of the Archbishop. Many attempts from us to discuss our differences are countered by either stonewalling or lies. Where is this spiritual mans contrite spirit?


      DianaJanuary 23, 2016 at 1:42 PM
      Dear Anonymous at 1:00 pm,

      The Archbishop has not been stonewalling you. He has already answered your questions. It is you who keep asking the same questions over and over. For example, your question as to who owns the RMS property has already been answered. The Certificate of Titles were publicly shown, but you continue to call him a liar regardless of what the Archdiocese says. Once a person has already made up their mind about something regardless of what the other has to say......that is not reconciliation.

      Reconciliation involve listening, which is lacking on your part. Reconciliation involves participation to do things together, which is also lacking in your part. The Archdiocese put forth a Golden Jubilee prayer of Reconciliation where we both can pray together, but you remain close-lipped while we pray. A special Mass was offered where all were invited to celebrate together, but you refuse to attend. We are not going to force you to pray with us nor force you to attend the special Mass.

    4. LOL. If Certificates of Title was all one needed to prove ownership then there wouldn't have to be a title search when properties are bought and sold. But hang on to this. It's going to be fun.

      Meanwhile, it does appear poor Diana is not in Tony's inner circle, or she's just as big of a liar as he is, because privately he continues to stab Msgr. James in the back.

      LOL. Some reconciliation. NOT.

    5. P.S. Diana. Speaking of Stonewalling. It is now over 100 days since you were asked to provide the documentation that RMS is a corporation sole.

    6. Interesting that reconciliation in Diana's definition demands total capitulation to the dictates of Archbishop. Diana here is are the issues that will bring peace to a badly divided Church. The return of RMS property and closing down the seminary. The return of good grace to Monsignor Benavente and Father Paul Gofigan, and finally removing all NCW presbyters from the 7 parishes that NCW has co opted. We have always respected your right to practice your believes as your conscience dictates, what we will be forever be against is to force the faithful to follow your Ways. Build your own churches and peace will once again prevail. The ball is entirely on your Archbishop and your Sects court.

    7. "praying together is one way of reconciliation."

      this is a trap, and serves only to promote the ncw.

      how is praying together a way of reconciliation if by "praying," you mean that people should read a canned, long-winded text that is obviously meant as yet another photo-op and PR show?

      although we Catholics would like to assume all good intentions regarding this so-called prayer, we simply can't, because its content is skewed toward the neocat agenda. (

      if apuron and the neocats really are interested in reconciliation, how about they first right all the wrongs they've committed against the Church on guam and against individuals. then go to confession to a real priest. then celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the Catholic way. at that point, we can start talking about reconciliation.

  3. Zoltan dared rear his dunce head again. Maybe we should start digging the dirt on him. I am sure he has plenty of skeletons he thought he had buried when he fluffed himself to get a university position. His constant meddling will get him the notoriety he desires.

  4. Adrian is a coward. Always his under mom's skirt then (God bless her soul), and still hides under pius putrid's skirt now. His fascination for dresses with colored fringes was unfortunately stifled when apuron decided he does not need another queen to rule alongside him. He is an evil sorcerer who would offer poisoned apples to anyone who stands in his way, and not even lose sleep over the roadkill.

  5. Adrian is a coward. Always his under mom's skirt then (God bless her soul), and still hides under pius putrid's skirt now. His fascination for dresses with colored fringes was unfortunately stifled when apuron decided he does not need another queen to rule alongside him. He is an evil sorcerer who would offer poisoned apples to anyone who stands in his way, and not even lose sleep over the roadkill.

  6. I am one of those who REFUSE to pray the Golden Jubilee Prayer. Why? Some of what is contained in the prayer can be achieved if the archbishop truly wanted reconciliation. His actions clearly show that he does not. Perhaps it is because he doesn't know what to do. When he came to Santa Barbara for his parish visit, and I stood up and asked him what he planned to do to about the division in the church, he shrugged his shoulders with an "I don't know" gesture. Really? As the spiritual leader, he should be giving direction to the flock. Whether he was being obtuse or ignorant, it was so incredibly PATHETIC.

    So instead of saying this joke of a prayer (which is grammatically INCORRECT in SO many places), instead I pray at least 10 Our Fathers, which is much more powerful and genuine. I invite all of you faithful to do the same thing. Don't stand up and pray for something just because the archbishop tells us to. He has long since lost all credibility, honor, humility, and compassion.

    1. Yes Becky, I also remain quite during this prayer that speaks of faithful priest and reconciliation. Action is a form of prayer. This why my wife and I no longer attend Mass at Barrigada parish.

  7. The prayer is guised to get people to join the NCW. Once a member, prepare to be manipulated by your confessed sins. Be prepared to be robed of your possessions and time all for the glory of Santo Kiko and and Santa Carmen.

  8. my feelings, when I read the diana replies

    Prayer Against Pests

    Graciously hear our prayers, we beseech You, O Lord, that we who are justly punished for our sins and must bear the punishment of this plague, may be freed from it for the glory of Your name.

    By Your power may these injurious animals be driven off so that they will do no harm to anyone and will leave our fields and meadows unharmed, and so that the things sprouting and growing in these fields may honor Your majesty and serve our needs.


    how I consider brother tony, a pest who runs around spoiling all the goods..

    1. A pest, any chance he gets. So are putrid pius, rabid adrian, and ghostly david. Pests that need to be driven off for the sake of the harvest.