Saturday, January 23, 2016


The neo-cult machine continues to scramble to prop up Apuron and make him look like he's really here. Now they've connived with their neo-buddies in Europe once again to print a New Testament with Apuron's picture and message on the inside cover. LOL.

Of course, in addition to the false propping up of Apuron, this is also a neo-fundraiser for the fake seminary. And of course the parishes will be forced to buy a defined amount of copies whether they have the money or not and made to sell them to you.

The New Testament (minus Apuron's picture and message is nice), so if you want a copy get if for half the price at Liturgy Training Publications here. Only $10. Apuron is charging $20.


  1. Trust in God brings Love. Love brings hope. Hope brings peace. The complete lack of peace in the NCW and in the Archdiocese of Agana is a clear indication to me that Guam now lives with an absence of God. The Church is divided and Archbishop contributes to the division. He is unable to build bridges to create peace and so the church divides further. each day the Archbishop remains the church and the pacific region falls further into moral decay. There is no peace on Guam because its spiritual leader lost his way. A renegade bishop now leads a church in crisis.
    If Archbishop was a man of God a man of substance he would have had the spiritual depth of character to amend the crisis on Guam. He did not for he is unable to lead the Archdiocese.
    Archbishop Resign for the good of the Church. . You destroyed the church you need to go.

  2. Brother Tony should read what he signs...clearly he has no intention of encouraging others "desire to know the truth"....The truth thru documents are presented yet he fails to listen to those who have seen the truth...

  3. So they want an extra $10 for the arch's picture and message? Gosh, NO! That extra cash could better serve the Catholic church via CCOG in its quest to get the truth out to the parishioners!

  4. Shows how vain this NEO Cult Brother Tony is....He knows his years on the throne is coming to a close and wants to be remembered...I guess the message of being a pastor of nothingness during the Mongmong Fiesta goes to show that the people are fed up of the stonewalling and deseptive lies from this little man. Sadly, as anticipated, the parishioners of each parish will have to foot the bill of this unholy mans last attempt to be remembered. The only customers will be the NCW and sadly the Catholic School system...The remaining that do survive in the parishes will have the pages with his letter and picture torn out in an atempt to break even...The wait begins for a replacement; hopeful sooner, for sure for sure....Joy!

  5. right...
    anyone proof this text?
    it might say that Jesus was a sinner...