Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

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  1. And......
    Lucifer was an angel.
    Dearth Vader was a Jedi knight.

    All three turned to the dark side.

  2. If kiko noted as a saint, who needs lucifer and the devils?

  3. It's because you don't see the hoofs, inside the shoes.

  4. According to the Dungbat, Santo Kiko teaches everyone on using three altars...
    Biba Santo Kiko for telling us that the Catholic Church is not the right path if we want to go to heaven.

    DianaJanuary 13, 2016 at 10:14 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 12:38 pm,

    The problem is that you have never been to the Eucharist in the NCW. If you had, you would have heard the priest say "sacrifice." In the NCW, we believe that there are two priesthoods - the ministering priesthood and the common priesthood. We believe that there are three altars. The first altar is the Eucharistic table which you find in Mass. The second is the dining table at your house where your family gathers together when they say morning prayer and have a meal. The third altar is the marriage bed. The second and third altar are linked to the first altar in the Mass.

    1. So what happens on the marriage bed can also happen on the dining table and then on the altar. This teaching is very disturbing, only a sexual deviant would come up with this "three altar" teaching.

    2. Again Diana, is a great source of information.
      She does not even realize how much she contributes to our unveiling of the scam this whole NCW is.
      Here you go again....fantastic stuff, which tells you how twisted the kikos are.
      This is typical of the NCW insistence on anything with three.
      (Don't forget, the three initiators.)
      It is actually funny how they try to link all symbolism to some twisted psycho-babble for the "common people" .
      "The marriage bed being the third altar". This goes back indeed to some of the Greeks and Romans symbolism of offering to the gods. I guess there is also a feeble attempt to link to the trinity. In fact there is almost nothing Christian to this.

      You borrow a little bit here, a little bit there, you shake vigorously, add a pinch of Judaism here, a pinch of archeologism there, some mimetism theory and you end up with the Kiko's kaka.....
      The bigger the rope, the less people will see the strings?
      This is really like a bad dream....

    3. The Dungbat explains the rational of the three Altars worshiped by the NEO Cults. Talk about being twisted. So this must be why NEO Cult Presbyter Apuron prefers the NEO Cult Presbyters over the Roman Catholic Priests.

    4. the neocat cult is revealing its non-Catholic and even non-Christian beliefs more and more. this strange teaching about the three altars--what on earth??

  5. Sounds to me that your pope is trying to re-invent the mass.


  6. All those altars? It sure looks like ncw pope kiko's adaptations of the satanic cult's use of altars for all their rituals. An altar for the bloody animal sacrifices and an altar for engaging in human sexual acts offered to their god. Then, it’s sprinkled with copycat ceremonies and practices from all the different religions and cults of the world smashed together to form the diverse, unique and novelty church of the ncw. This is the ncw church and kiko-designer religion which easily appealed, lured and brainwashed apuron (the head of our local Catholic Church) and his followers, not to mention the uncatechised local Catholic members who are the victims, because once upon a time, they were hungry for true faith and spirituality. These local members were easy prey for the ncw designer church because for decades under apuron, we were and still are, pastorally neglected and looked upon only as cash cows for our local diocese which is inflicted by the avarice of apuron and his minions: all local puppets and gofers of fr. pius and the designer cult church and religion led by the ncw st. pope kiko.