Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Since they know we won't support anything that sends our money to RMS, they're now using the supposed restoration of "our beloved Cathedral" to fleece us. 

You may want to recall that Msgr. James had all the repairs needed at the Cathedral paid for by donors but was denied permission to proceed by Apuron, who, unbeknownst to Msgr. James at the time, was plotting to get rid of Msgr. James.

And guess what? Once Apuron kicked Msgr. James out of the Cathedral, the donors left too. LOL! And now they have to suck the money out of you....once again. 

Take your sweetheart someplace that doesn't set you back $250 since all it will do is fund more O.J.'s and Harold's. 


BTW, be sure to attend the Laity Forward Movement Fundraiser tonight at at the Icon Club in Tumon.....across from Daichi Hotel....Fiesta restaurant.......5-10 p.m. Donations are $100, but unlike Brother Tony, the LFM will take whatever you'd like to give. Have fun!

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