Monday, February 8, 2016


The Laity Forward Movement continues to grow in size and commitment. More than 20 people showed up to the Asan Parish this weekend to pass out hand bills with information about what is happening to our diocese. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the LFM will be hosting a "Fat Tuesday" fundraiser at the Icon Club Tumon, across from Daichi Hotel, Fiesta restaurant, 5-10 p.m . Get tickets from Priscilla at 969-7842, Lou Klitzkie  653-6605, Mae Ada at 734-7777 and Teri Untalan at 727-3577.


  1. Continuous web of lies from people like the Dungbat is more reason for everyone to step forward and fight this evil that has infested the Universal Catholic Church.

    DianaFebruary 9, 2016 at 8:45 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 12:40 am,

    The NCW has the permission from the Vatican to celebrate the Eucharist the way they do. The fact that you do not believe that is not my problem. Write your letter of complaint to the Vatican and make sure to tell them to discipline the NCW into compliance.

    1. The Dungbat is right, it is not her problem, not in this life anyway.

    2. Hi Diana, All you have to do is provide proof which I guarantee you would be unable to do because the Vatican directed NCW to receive Communion in the same manner we (Catholics) do. You indeed have selective memory. I asked the Archbishop over a year ago at St. Francis to provide us with the proof, He responded that he had permission, but he had to look for it and give it to us. JW even had a running count of the days since the promise,but Tim eventually took it down in utter despair. I ONCE AGAIN CHALLENGE YOU TO PROVIDE THE PROOF FROM THE VATICAN, I certain that you cannot provide it since none exists. Shame, is this the major tenet of NCW if challenge, lie lie lie.

  2. Show the document that authorizes NCW to "celebrate the Eucharist the way they do....", and we'll shut up. Otherwise, you're blowing smoke. IDIOTS!!

  3. Idiots indeed!!! They claim to have permission to receive communion the way they do but when pressed to prove it, they crawl back from whence they came. Come on Dungbat Diana...we will shut up when you show us your proof from the Vatican. The reality is, you have no proof because it was NOT approved. You think by saying repeatedly that you have permission, like a broken record, people, maybe even yourself DUMB-Bat, will believe it. The simple fact remains that the NCW members are NOT CATHOLIC. They can turn blue in the face stating otherwise but the proof is in the pudding. Preaching that Jesus is a sinner, receiving the body of Christ in the manner they do, dancing around the altar and SO MANY other egregious practices. Just move out of our churches and build your own UFO style 'community' centers. Then you can dance around your 'table', openly profess all your sins to your community, worship your prophet Kiko, sit while consuming your 'bread', sing Kaka songs, and every other non-catholic practice you do and we won't give a flying frick. Only when you do, can peace be restored. Please, just go away already and take three Fools on the Hill with you. Trust us, no one will miss Tony, Monsignor Sickly and Adrianna. Not a one!

  4. It's amazing how many of our island's "Catholics" fail to realize that our Church has been infiltrated from within and it's only a matter of time until the cancer spreads and we are left with only Neocatechumenal Churches on Guam.

    Please stand up and defend your faith! Join the Laity Forward Movement and take back OUR churches!! Let the Archbishop and Neo's build their own with their OWN money.