Sunday, February 14, 2016


Someone suggested that the same person who wrote the "Jolibee" prayer also wrote Apuron’s letter threatening the Clergy to give to the Annual Appeal. 

Here are some of the crazy errors:

“I offer blessings and gratitude to all of who participated…” 

It should say: “I offer blessings and gratitude to all who…” or “to all of you who…” 

“It is a wonderful testimony to sharing and stewarding God’s abundant gifts.”  

First there is the use of the present tense “is,” when we are speaking here of something that happened last year. “It was a wonderful testimony…” 

Next there is the strange use of the words sharing and stewarding. Both are used as verbs whereas a more familiar usage of the two words would have been as gerunds (nouns made from verbs): “It is a wonderful testimony to the sharing and stewarding of God’s…” Or, actually more familiar - if Apuron had written this himself - simply “the stewardship of God’s abundant gifts.” 

Then comes the missing comma after “February 14." 

Then there is the terribly obvious mistake of the two prepositions - which is really just a matter of plain carelessness: “…and end on by Pentecost…” 

Later we see another missing comma and a completely misplaced comma. 

Meanwhile, Apuron doesn’t miss a jot or tittle of his extra long name and title. 

What does all this mean? It means what we have been saying for a long time. Apuron is not running things. He didn’t write this. And neither did he read it. He simply was told to sign it and he obeyed, just like all those other letters and documents he has been told to sign. 

An aging cleric might be forgiven such incompetent lapses. But this is not incompetence. It is more evidence that, save for his signature, Apuron has long since abdicated his office, which is all the more reason to ignore, resist, fight against, anything that comes out of the chancery in his name. 

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