Monday, February 15, 2016



These people are to be applauded for their courage to stand up to so many forces. They believe in the truth and they will not be intimidated. Join them for the next one. Call Priscilla at 969-7842, Lou Klitzkie at 653-6605, Mae Ada at 734-7777, or Teri Untalan at 727-3577.


  1. It's the unending web of lies produced by KAKA filled zombies like the one below found on the Dungbats blog. Thank you Tim, Chuck and Fremchie for keeping us well informed through documents that clearly show that the NEO Cult Religion is not Cathlolic. Thanks to LFM and CCOG for being the voice throughout the island condemning this evil infestation sucking the islands resources dry.

    AnonymousFebruary 16, 2016 at 10:54 AM
    Now we have the clear cut admission and confession that Tim Rohr, JW, Laity Forward and Concerned Catholics do not consider themselves part of the Catholic Church on Guam led by Archbishop Apuron. They say they do not belong to us. They do not belong to the flock led by the rightfully appointed leader. Where they belong to, then?

    They have already proved their hostility towards the faithful by trying to deprive the Church from its financial means. They told us not to contribute to the Sunday collection. But how can they have any business with us Catholics who belong to the diocese of Guam led by our Archbishop?

    If they don't belong to the flock, how do they dare to interfere with our faith life and mislead the Catholics in our churches? We will always consider that Catholic Shepard our leader who is appointed by Rome to lead archdiocese. There isn't and never can be any compromise on that!

    1. LOL. Apparently the Dungbat has never heard of the Arian heresy when the majority of the “Catholic” bishops followed Arius, who, like Kiko, taught that Jesus was not God.

      Apparently the Dungbat has also never heard of Nestorius, who was not only a bishop, but the patriarch of the East, who also taught that Jesus was not God, and whose teachings were eventually heard by a guy named Mohammed.

      Apuron has openly abdicated his episcopal seat by publicly rejecting the magisterium of the Catholic Church as regards the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

      He has also abdicated his episcopal seat by submitting himself to a catechist who is in turn subject to Kiko.

      The Catholic Church that the rest of us belong to does not have a bishop who submits to a catechist, but to the authentic magisterium of the Catholic Church.

      On more than one occasion, Apuron’s answer when asked from whence comes the authority for his celebration of the liturgy in a matter not in conformity with the liturgical books has been “they told us. “

      “They” is obviously an authority that is not the pope nor the papal instrument which governs the liturgy, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, and “us” is an admission that he is only one of Kiko’s sheep, a flock separate from Christ’s Church.

      The Dungbat also has probably not aware that every major heresy and apostasy from the Catholic Church originated with a bishop or a priest: Nestorius, Luther, Pelagius, etc.


    2. It appears that the dingbats are ONLY accustomed to being TOLD what makes a good Catholic or at least should be in their neo-version of religion, they claim to be catholic, but not in practice...

      their own statues, state who is in the neo-hierarchy, and a bishop is NOT in it, the statues STATE that the neo-hierarchy, ARE SUPPOSE TO GET APPROVAL through the bishop, you know like, ALL sitting down waiting for ALL to receive the bread, then ALL eating at the SAME TIME, which tony allows, which is NOT catholic...

      so here on Guam you have brother tony, who is pretending to be a shepherd, who happens to be a "neo" said you all know i'm old and tired, and you know i hate waiting in line for my turn, so let's all sit down at the table and enjoy, sing and make merry...

      so, dingbats brother tony is ALL you get, he was NEVER a shepherd...

  2. Anon 10:54am You have been completely brainwashed. You ignore the fact that AAA has given away the most valuable asset of the Church. In your Sect, he is Bro Ton, subservient to Pius.( disgusting). I truly feel sorry for you are completely blinded by your Sect. Continue to try to tell us how beautiful the "pink skies" are. You should get the Neo's good "puppy dog" award.

  3. Heel, Sit, stay are orders that they understand.

  4. I clap my hands for all this nice people in Guam. You are quite brave! This is the right not resist evil. Go on!

  5. Replies
    1. 1:59 AM, yes, you and your NEO pals are full-blown idiots.
      Just keep believing the lies in spite of the truth. Yes, YOU are that STUPID.

    2. There is a sentence in Spanish -erroneously attributed to Don Quixote- which says: "Ladran, Sancho, luego cabalgamos". Literally in English: "they bark, Sancho, then we ride".
      Sancho was Don Quijote's squire. Don Quijote was a crazy old hidalgo, who while sitting over a piece of wood imagined he was riding a magnificient horse. Maybe those barking dogs he heard were the words of the "sane" people who were looking at him and laughing.
      Don Quijote, in his imaginative world, transformed that critizism in a good signal...If they bark means I am doing right.
      If the kikos insult, we are riding.
      Jungle Watch is a very respected blog, "idiots" maybe is the worst thing the kikos dare to say.
      In Cruxsancta Blog they are absolutely agressive and in bad manners. Some kikos would prefer condemnation before allowing the Way be questioned.
      Just see the red face full of wrath of Kiko in front of Pope Francis when was told to finish his speech.
      If they were from God, they will not react like this.

  6. anon 1:59 it is what you see looking back at you when you look into the mirror. Joy