Friday, March 4, 2016


Wonder where your Archdiocesan Annual Appeal money goes?  

Of course, most of it goes to Apuron's presbyter playpen, aka RMS. But for more than thirty years, it has also been going to this diocese, and it's one of the reasons Apuron will never open the books. 

I am not going to bring up the priest's name. Incardinated in the then-Diocese of Agana, he was sent away to Diocese of Duluth in 1981 where he continued to be "a problem" until 1985 when he was completely removed from ministry. 

You might say though, that we contributed to the bankruptcy of the Diocese of Duluth because our diocese removed a priest from ministry here and sent him there, apparently without giving the whole story on the guy because according to the record, he was made a pastor in Duluth, where - as the record of his "removal from ministry" four years later suggests - he kept doing the same "bad things" he was doing in Guam, thus contributing to the cause of Millions of Dollars in law suits that has now led to the financial collapse of this diocese. 

But while I'll keep his name off of this post for now, there is another "priest" whose name is familiar to us who has been getting paid by your donations since at least 2005 though he is NEVER here:

And why is this post titled Guam's future? So many of you know already, but you haven't come forward. Well, there will soon be an opportunity to do so. However, because I do not want the whole diocese to suffer, I will work to see that if there are law suits, only the assets of "the person" will be targeted. Our diocese has already suffered enough. 

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