Thursday, March 3, 2016


K57 Interviews

Former Senator Bob Klitzkie says the Yona seminary property title is a "hoax," 


  1. Listened to the show. Everyone on island will be at the edge of their seats waiting for next week's Chapter 2. Went to a rosary tonight where some people were talking about the show. I told Patti Arroyo how much I enjoyed this afternoon's Travis Koffmann's show.

    1. Hopefully David C. Quitugua's illegal activity will make it clear to Rome that he should not be in the running to be the next bishop, if Rome had any doubts. Now we just need enough dirt on Adrian Cristobal to make sure he will be out of the running also.

    2. Ah yes, The Adrian. Notice how quiet he has been lately. It's a tactic. Having made an ass of himself his whole life, and especially the last two years, he has been instructed by his New Jersey mafia handlers to lay low in the hopes that by the time Apuron is dumped in the trash, Rome will have forgotten the trash that is Adrian's. No worries, Adrian. Rome won't forget because we won't let them. Courage. Call Jackie.

    3. There is no line of succession within the Catholic Church. Any ordained priest regardless of time in service can be selected to fill the seat when it becomes vacant.

  2. I listened to it too. I thought Bob did a great job (kudos, Bob) in exposing the hoax/fraud being perpetrated by the Chancery in baiting the Catholics of the Church into believing that the Church patrimony is still intact, by the issuance of a bogus certificate of title in the Umatuna. I just hope that more and more of our Catholic people will delve deeper into the problems facing us in the divisiveness within our Church. And if they are not as impressed wit the theological, religious, and liturgical issues we have been defending (those are more egregious to me), perhaps an expose of this civil chicanery will get them into asking “what the heck is going on”. If civil law was indeed violated through thru the tampering of civil documents to produce this fake certificate of title published in the Umatuna in order to deceive the people, then responsible civil authorities owe it to us to at least investigate the matter from a purely civil perspective. – jrsa (Mar 3, 2016)

  3. What Web we weave in order to deceive!

  4. I think the most important thing Bob did was to elevate the issue above the ridiculous idea that this is just an internal disagreement in the Church, which is where some in the media seem to want to keep it.

    From the outset this has been about the absolute, unchallenged perpetration of injustice upon those who would oppose a ruthless multi-million dollar, multi-national, power syndicate masquerading as a religious movement and advancing through the bowels of the Church via corrupt and unchecked rotten clerics.

    While it is good to hear the heartfelt emotion of those who feel "abandoned" by their "shepherd," as we have seen for years now, such sentiments, so long as they remain only sentiments, get us nothing but a few minutes of air time.

    Bob has done the hard work nobody has yet been willing to do: NAIL DOWN A CRIME AND THEN NAME THE BASTARDS.

    Somebody start a Bob for Governor campaign.

  5. Everybody is making good and relevant points. I also noticed that Mr. Klitzkie did a couple of things, which are very important.

    To the question: if I am not Catholic, why should I care? He answered very well that actually it is not only a Catholic issue, but a question of the continued integrity of the system of checks and balances of the administration in charge of insuring the viability of the titles to properties.
    Therefore all people who own, land and/or building on the island should be concerned if we cannot trust the administration in charge of this enforcement.
    This case actually peeled off an important issue for all the residents of Guam regarding this issue, and the enforcement (or not) of the law for all citizens, not a privileged few.
    This issue is becoming more important for the island than just our own Church.
    The AG and the Governor, better get ahead of this problem, before it snowballs out of proportion. Already people are talking about court cases were they were spoiled of their properties based on the testimony of people in the Bureau of Land Management. This could have huge consequences.
    The AG might actually have to recuse herself, since she sat as a judge in cases where the Bureau of land Management testimony might have been skewed. A special investigator would have to be appointed, or a federal probe might actually be necessary in the dealings of the Attorney General herself.
    Of course being on a small island, the issue only gets more complex when you consider who the federal prosecutor is, and how she got the job..... this might get us to the edge of our seats for quite a while longer.

  6. Our own local island soap opera with a lot of suds! Now we are hearing the rumbling getting louder and the bubbles getting thicker as they rise to the surface. Unfortunately this is a soap opera that we cannot simply turn off and on at our will, but a reality that we and the next generations will have to face. Yet we better to confront them now than be identified as the generation that gave True Faith away. Just like the song that goes, "can you hear the people sing echo the sound of distant drums...that we will never be slaves again..."

  7. Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men?
    It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again
    When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes.

    From Les Miserables, the musical

  8. The NCW influence at DLM is most likely by design. I suspect that with all the (alarming) land grabbing activity via 2nd scrutinies, they placed someone there to facilitate and expedite (with little to no prejudice) the transfers and transactions of acquired property.

    Exit question, these transfers of ownership and transactions of sale, are they public records?

    1. Yes, they are. But you have to know where to look and what to look for. Easy to hide. There is no master record showing which properties were given to the archdiocese or Apuron.