Saturday, April 23, 2016


And you are being paid lavishly


  1. Tim, I think I missed my first paycheck. These numb nuts really are nuts! Yes we were frightening, because we are standing up for the truth.

    1. Tim, profound thanks for being a "troublemaker." I agree with the man who called into Patti Arroyo's morning show on K57 who reminded all of us that Jesus did not respond to greed in the temple with sweet, compassionate words but by overturning the tables of those buying and selling and shouting against them for making His Father's temple a den of thieves.

  2. Funny how Diana Fofanna says "Yelling is nothing less than verbal violence." When I was at my last convivence, both the Catechists and Pius yelled, chastised and scolded a couple of our members there during one of the sessions. Brought a woman to tears, but everyone told her to sit there in silence and "take" her "correction." I knew this to be abusive behavior and left the "way" after that disturbing performance by the catechist and Pius. Now, when it's convenient for the Neos to say so, it's verbal abuse. before it was acceptable from them. Siiiiiiggggghhhhh. So glad I left the kikonuts before I got infected and warped. OMG.

  3. It's easy to recognize the conditioning at play. Pius' latest instructions is to keep pushing the fear of physical violence rhetoric. It's laughably obvious.

    Just like they were instructed to lay blame on Fr Luis' victim, this is the propaganda they've been sent forth with.

    And, as always, as anonymous cowards.

    1. Jose M, they are being persecuted . All is well. Badge of courage. Ohhhh, the persecution! Sick!

  4. Dear Dianas (Pius, Susanna, Adrian,
    They are not all old people as not evidenced from the video. Anyway, "old" is a relative term and some of us wear it proudly, my dear. Dare I say many of your leaders who yell and scream are old too! So be careful who you call old. As the saying goes, with age comes wisdom and these wise folks are certainly wise. I would call them brave Catholic warriors armed with knowledge and evidence of all the chicanery, lying, stealing and yes, abuse of their brothers and sisters, many of whom have been tricked, induced, threatened, or coerced into joining this so-called movement, some even joining the dark side. Now as for using the words, "Parkinsons" and "Alzheimers" to describe them is going way too far and downright mean, inflammatory and discriminating to those with these real and debilitating handicapping conditions. You owe those suffering from these conditions/diseases an apology but we all know you would never do this. Now there's the real shame! Ai adai, adahi sa' ti mamaigo' si Yu'us!

  5. The narrative is nothing new for the Neos. We have seen Diana whipping her troops in a frenzy before.

    They are always following the same script.
    They are victims of persecution because they are the true Catholics trying to keep the Church going with their missions and communities.

    You cannot tell them anything if you have not walked with them. But if you are a former member you will be vilified and denounced.

    Their opponents are idiots, and dangerous extremists, since they are of course the reasonable ones.

    Deny: that they are the cause of all the commotion.
    Deflect: by shaming their opponents and quoting scriptures that usually have nothing to do with the issues.
    Destroy: Opponents are idiots, uneducated, suffering from disease, and the list goes on.

    And always, goading as if they wish you would cross that line towards violence, which would vindicate their hateful message, trying to manufacture incidents.

    Go back to their hyperbole reactions to the first LFM demonstrations, with Diana instructing her cohorts to call the cops and other physical confrontations. Nothing has changed, they go back to their old ways of division and polarization. This is why the bishops of Japan attempted to throw them out for ever. The divisions were so bad.

    I would suggest that at every demonstration you have a dedicated person tapping the whole event and recording any escalation by the coocoos.
    A) it will give us a lot of intel
    B) it is a great tool to protect yourselves
    C) it can be used as a great learning tool.

    In the meantime, always stay pacific and in control.
    Their lies and their insults are in fact the best badges they can give us.
    Be steadfast.
    God bless.

  6. Another question, is obvious: Who is this "troublemaker" spending untold monies to pay Tim, and the contributors here to do his bidding?

    The plot thickens in the kikos's mind???

    It is so funny that they can only see the world in a pyramidal dimension..

  7. "Trained Lawyer"...why didn't your family show up to welcome your guest?

  8. ahah Anon at 5.45 that is a good question.
    There was only the Maltese, the Spaniard, the Brazilian and some Americans, but no Chamorros or Philippinos, on their end of the welcoming committee.
    That is normal, the colonizer prefers to deal with other colonizers not with the locals.
    Different levels. That is why Genarinni can scream at the locals, and Tony keep it zipped.... (pun intended)