Wednesday, March 18, 2015


...then it is all on Apuron.

Archbishop Apuron, 

You have a responsibility to confirm or deny the veracity of this incident. Because the girl was of the age of consent, there is no crime (if in fact she consented), and no way for the public to verify the truth or falsity of this incident. However, since you ordained him and appointed him pastor, crime or no crime, you have a responsibility to tell us the truth about this incident. And then you have the responsibility to tell us the truth about many other things. 

Do we need to do another count up?

Latest report (unconfirmed) is that he was booked on "jurisdiction over adults" and released. Here is what Guam Law says:

§ 5117. Jurisdiction Over Adults.
(a) Any person who knowingly commits any act or knowingly omits the
performance of any duty, which act or omission causes or tends to cause or
encourage a child to become in need of the care and protection of the Family
Division of the Superior Court, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 


Priest arrested after being found with teen

I can tell you exactly how the chancery is going to spin this.

There's no getting around the truth of the matter. So they are going to say that they are taking this very seriously, that they have a policy of zero tolerance, that they will investigate the incident, blah, blah, blah....and then he'll disappear like Wadeson.

Someone said he spent 10 years at the seminary. According to AAA, the cost per seminarian per year is $17,000. That's $170,000.00.

Who among us can afford an education like that for our own children? But it's not Luis Camacho who should pay it back. It should be Anthony S. Apuron, personally. He has NOT seen to the proper formation and psychological screening of these guys. He has abdicated that duty to Giuseppe Gennarini.

One thing for sure. WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET THIS GO.


Priest resigns from archdiocese following arrest

"In the meantime, Father Luis' faculties have been restricted."

What?? No "arduous and painful closure" to his assignment? No insert in the U Matuna bashing him and his family?

We have to wonder how long this would have gone unaddressed by the chancery if the media hadn't been alerted. What a shame. The chancery should not have to be prodded into making a statement with every incident. But we know why.

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