Friday, April 22, 2016


Almost a year ago, the President and Vice-President of the CCOG, Greg Perez and David Sablan tried - as many other did before them - to meet with the Archbishop. They saw what would happen if the Archbishop did not acknowledge the problems. My own efforts go back to 2004. Following is David Sablan's recounting of his attempt:

davidjsablan So, this is it. . . the straw that broke the camel's back. We are angry because Archbishop Apuron has betrayed us faithful Catholics of Guam. I tried to meet with him to let him know what he has done in dividing us between the NCW follower, of which there are less than a thousand of our friends and family members, for whom I pray daily so they can see the scam in the NCW, and us true Catholics faithful to the teaching of our Church. Fr. Adrian, the Chancellor, said he will get back to me. Never did, and it will be one year in June. I laid out in writing issues I'd like to discuss with the Archbishop. No feedback. So, the silence is deafening. It only tells me these people at the Chancery and in the hierarchy of the Neo-Catechumenal Way are cowards. They are secretive and not open to welcome those of us who want to be closer to God as they say you can be if you join the NCW. What kind of Catholic organization does not open itself to more members? No, their "mission" on Guam is to milk us dry and take over the Archdiocese stealthily. But thanks to many concerned Catholics, the "cat is out of the bag." There is no stopping the Good now. Pius, Gennarini's. . . it is time for you to leave Guam. Dust your sandals and move on. . . we don't want your "new evangelization" here on Guam. We are happy with our real diocesan priests and the good Capuchins and Jesuits who have nurtured our Faith over generations since Pale San Vitores brought the Faith to our shores. We don' need this new evangelization you are offering. So, go home. Go on "mission" back to where you all came from and stay there. Our Lady has protected Guam, and has provided guidance to us to follow the true teachings of her Son. We are content with that. So leave Guam and leave us alone to enjoy our Faith traditions which has enriched our souls with God's grace over many generations. If it ain't broke, why fix it.

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