Sunday, April 24, 2016


For the last several days the Kikos have been wetting their pants over the so-called "mistreatment" of their "guest." LOL. At least we showed up.

Think about it. Giuseppe Gennarini is the Chief Catechist and Responsible for the Neocatechumenal Way in the United States. In fact, next to Kiko Arguello, there is no one else more significant to the NCW in Guam.

And he did not arrive alone. He was accompanied by the other two members of the NCW Responsible Team for the U.S., his wife and Fr. Angelo Poshetti. 

This means the whole NCW Responsible Team and its Chief Catechist came to visit! And other than Pius the Putrid, the masturbation-fixated-juice-sucking OJ, some other Kiko priest, and a barely post-pubescent presbyter candidate with a few budding whiskers on his face, there was no one of their ilk to greet them.

Where were the communities with their guitars, bongos, tambourines, and Kiko songs? The Kiko's are famous for their taking over of airports upon the arrival of their head honchos. Here's an example

And they accuse us of "inhospitality"???? LOL. What a slight to these "leaders." They are the mega-kikos of the whole U.S. and the Pacific and all they can rate is Putrid and OJ? Where were the communities? Where were the guitars? Where were the tambourines? Where were the Kikos? And for that matter, where was the Archbishop? Where was David? Where was The Adrian? 

What's more, a visit from the whole Responsible Team for the Neocatechumenal Way in the United States should have at least merited a line or two in the Umatuna if not a full front page feature. But NOTHING, not a word. No welcome. No Hafa Adai. No bongos. Only a late night pickup at the airport by Putrid and OJ. 

Hmmmmm. Now why would that be? Was it too late for you Kikos to come out? Was it past your bedtime? Where was your "hospitality?" LOL!

Oooohhhh. Wait a minute. I think I got it. No one was supposed to know they were here, right? And why would that be? Could it be because of WHAT they were here to do? 


We already know why they are here. We know that as surely as we knew they were coming, as surely as we knew when they were coming, as surely as we knew how they were coming, and as surely as we even knew in what row they were seated. How did we know that? There are spies everywhere. Look at the Flag Counter. Look at the Live Traffic Feed. The whole world is watching. The whole world is paying attention. The Kikos have hurt and destroyed people everywhere. And they are watching and wanting to help those of us who have taken up the fight first hand in Guam. That's how we knew about Luis. That's how we knew about the Gennarini's. And that's how we know about what is going to happen next. This is going to make one helluva movie someday. Courage. 

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