Saturday, April 23, 2016


The incident at the airport this past Thursday night reminded me of another uprising against another bad-mannered invader:

De Mafra mentions that the first incident between Chamorros and Europeans took place when an officer of the Trinidad “for little cause” slapped one of the islanders, who then slapped him back. The officer returned with a blow of his machete, at which the islanders jumped into the water, returned rapidly to their proas and started to throw spears at the ship, hurting some of the Europeans. 

Apparently the Chamorros were open to being friendly until the officer of the Trinidad slapped a Chamorro. The only difference is is that Giuseppe Gennarini has been slapping the people of Guam for TWENTY YEARS before they finally slapped back Thursday night. 

In one instance, this slapping was very close to real. At a meeting attended by Archbishop Apuron, then-Legal Counsel Ed Terlaje, then-AFC president Richard Untalan, Pius the Putrid, Giuseppe Gennarini and others, Attorney Terlaje and Gennarini got into a heated exchange about the composition of the corporate documents for RMS. Terlaje saw what Gennarini was trying to do - create a loophole for a later take over of the property. And, as it was his job to protect the Archbishop of Agana, Terlaje objected. 

Gennarini SHOUTED Terlaje down while the Archbishop of Agana, who Terlaje was protecting, just sat there and let his "friend" and long-serving legal counsel be publicly humiliated and "slapped" by Gennarini. 

Richard Untalan was so disturbed by how Gennarini had treated Ed Terlaje that he approached Pius the Putrid after the meeting and recommended to Pius that he ask Gennarini to apologize for the public slap-down of Ed Terlaje. Pius just laughed off Untalan's suggestion and Apuron did nothing. 

So to all those hollering "shame" on the Chamorros who stood their ground Thursday night against this latest marauder, "shame" on you!

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