Sunday, April 24, 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "LOL! BINGO!": 

The KAKA filled Dungbat is now labeling Reverend Father Paul as a white collar criminal....NEO Cult and thier unendless web of lies in order to deflect from the real truth...


DianaApril 24, 2016 at 7:29 AM
Dear Anonymous at 3:19 am

Removing a priest from his Dededo parish is not violence. Consider the priest fortunate that he can still administer the sacraments. Transferring a priest from one parish to another due to financial mismanagement is also not violence. Consider the priest fortunate that the Archdiocese was merciful enough not to have him arrested for white collar crimes.

"Removing a priest from his Dededo parish is not violence." Maybe. But threatening him with an "arduous and painful closure" to his assignment IS. Suggesting to a group of clergy that he was involved in a homosexual relationship IS. Suggesting that he had used church funds to build a private stairway to his room to allow for drunken midnight homosexual trysts IS. Not permitting Fr. Paul due process under canon law IS. Bearing false witness agains thy neighbor IS. 

"Consider the priest fortunate that he can still administer the sacraments." He was stripped of his ability to administer the sacraments, and violently so. The only reason he was restored to ministry in this diocese is because we nailed Apuron for doing VIOLENCE to Fr. Paul's rights under canon law. 

"Transferring a priest from one parish to another due to financial mismanagement is also not violence." Msgr. James was not "transferred." He was REMOVED. There was no decree of transfer given to Msgr. James on the morning of July 26, 2014. There were only three decrees telling Msgr. James to get the hell out. That is VIOLENCE. He was only "assigned" to Tamuning after all hell broke loose. Denying Msgr. James due process accorded him under canon law is VIOLENCE. Trashing Msgr. James repeatedly in the media is VIOLENCE. Spreading scandal about Msgr. James' family is VIOLENCE. 

"Consider the priest fortunate that the Archdiocese was merciful enough not to have him arrested for white collar crimes." LOL. Believe me. If Apuron, David, and Adrian could have done it they would have. But they had nothing. They still do not have anything. In fact, Msgr. James would have welcomed the opportunity to take the stand. But Apuron, David, and Adrian knew they would have to take the stand too. That's why no charges were ever brought. 

But Apuron, David, and Adrian will soon have to take the stand. And here's where we need your help. Download this PETITION and get everyone you know to sign it. 

It reads:

We, the undersigned, petition the Guam Legislature to pass a bill which will lift the Statutes of Limitation for past child sexual abuse.  Victims of child abuse shall be permitted to file claim in the Guam Superior Court should sufficient evidence be presented to prove civil liability against any individual who has committed said crime.

A bill has already been prepared. We are looking for a brave and upright senator to introduce it. Your signature will help. Copies of the petition can be returned to any member of the Laity Forward Movement whose names and numbers appear in the right side bar of this blog. We will have more information soon. 

The Gennarini's were not the only visitors to Guam this week. 


  1. Hopefully, B.J. Cruz will re-introduce the sex abuse bill in the legislature.


    1. Diana the poor soul does not if she is coming or going these days. All over the place giving out delusional messages of nonsense. Needs help. Possibly even drinking at her computer.

  2. So, what does Diana Loca call a priest who was whisked off after police discovered he was with a minor at a secluded part of the beach with towels around the windows, then shuffled off to a distant place (a Muslim country no less) and ministering to migrants and the youth? Bear in mind that a supposed church investigation was initiated yet never even gor off the ground. So what does Diana Bruja call that sham lie of an investigation? What does she call the SARC, Archbishop, VG and Chancellor who all took part in that coven of deception and rug-sweeping?


  3. DianaApril 24, 2016 at 12:30 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 11:49 am,

    The Internal Review report showed that while Monsignor Benavente was in charge of the Catholic Cemeteries, free plots were given to friends and family members in addition to using Archdiocesan credit cards to fund his ordination anniversary.

    1. LOL. Says who? Apuron? And we should believe him because? And where is it? Where is the report? In the same place as that opinion from the Denver law firm? Show it? Let’s take it to court. Come on, let’s clear this up, Diana. All your side ever showed us was your statement what you SAID you found. The books have never been opened up. The financials have never been published. All we’ve had is round after round of the public trashing of Msgr. James.

      But let’s say all those accusations are true even though they were already thoroughly discredited by Joseph Rivera, former director of BBMR and comptroller for Calvo’s Enterprise, and Art Ilagan former director of Rev & Tax and current Real Estate Commissioner. But never mind that, let’s just say that all those accusations against Msgr. James are true.

      Then you have one major problem. In the discipline of a cleric Apuron was required to proceed via the Penal Process outlined in Canon Law. He did not. And in not doing so, Apuron violated Church law.

      And even with that, what sort of a bishop bashes his priests in the press? Apuron never gave Msgr. James a copy of the accusations or access to the due process provided for him by Canon Law. Instead, Apuron, David, and The Adrian bashed Msgr. James over and over in the press. That’s pretty damn disgusting. And it is going to make their slow roasting ever so much more delectable when they are brought to court once we get the statute of limitations on sex crimes lifted. Coming soon, Diana. Coming soon. Ask Tony. He knows.

  4. The pathetic part is that Diana folllowers digest her baseless pronouncements as gospel proclamation. Evidence speaks better than mere opinion. Diana, you should just limit yourself to things you can prove. Stop deluding and misinforming your readers.

  5. Diana in crisis mode.
    The Diana acting like a dumb ass today.

  6. Diana talks of violence, are in fact the continued violent lies and bashing of two good priests.
    The reason being, is that they know these two priests are still considered as good candidates for the seat of Bishop.
    Therefore they have to continue destroying their reputation and their record.
    We have seen how good of a job the new director of cemeteries has done, and how well said cemeteries have been kept....NOT

    This disgusting, unabashed, hypocritical to the core discourse, from the Dingbat is another slap in the face to these priests and to the faithful.

    This is probably the way she interprets today's scripture of "loving thy neighbor as I love you", which they have misused for the last few days.
    What more can be said about the vile and disgusting practices of the followers the Neocatechumenal way.
    Probably inspired by the "visitors"

  7. Tim- For signers of petition-- is there an age requirement? (obviously not young child1ren in lower or middle school)
    High School students ok? 16? Must be 18?

    1. There is no requirement. In fact, since this involves the sexual abuse of minors, there may be some who will want to sign...if you know what I mean!

    2. Christine, as the I am the author of the petition I need everyone to understand that this is a community problem not just a Catholic issue. So please pass this to all the people since all should be against sexual abuse of minors. I am not trying to single out any one individual but all pedophiles no matter what line of work they may be in. Thank you.

    3. As for the firing of Father Paul and Monsignor James, let the dingbats know that the same compassion AAA bestowed on these two priest will be given to him come his day of judgement. Oh, and that day is coming soon!!!