Tuesday, April 26, 2016



  1. NCW ruptured the communion of the Catholic church in Denmark.

  2. Here’s a Table of Contents of the book “A Web of Lies”, by the Father of Lies – Archbishop Anthony Apuron:

    1.”I’m not responsible for the division within the Church.” Yet, he publicly set the wedge between the Neos and non-Neos with his famous “we vs they” by admitting that “we” were given permission to receive Communion sitting – “we” meaning “I, along with my brothers and sisters in the NCW”, and by characterizing the Neos (the elite) as “the more advanced Catholics” than the rest of us “normal Catholics”.

    2.Implicit approval of the plan to call the non-replay of the KOLG radio “snafu” the result of a “technical difficulty”, when its non-replay was to hide a wrong statement he had made on the air.

    3.”I made no such Deed of Restriction” (DOR) when confronted with it, until the document was finally exposed years later! And when exposed, he claimed it was not alienation of property, despite a local real estate attorney’s legal opinion that it was!

    4.First we saw no DOR in the Certificate of Title; then we saw it when it was exposed; then we don’t see it again, in an attempt to hide it; then we saw it again when the error was pointed out, and “fixed”! The disappearing DOR!

    5.He even tried to get the donor of the RMS property to lie about the donor’s intent in paying off the loan.

    6.He lied when he said he fired the non-supporting members of his Archdiocesan Finance Council, because their term of office had expired – though said expiration had occurred decades ago!

    7.He illegally fired Fr Paul Gofigan as Pastor of Dededo Parish on the allegation of disobedience for “harboring a sexual predator” when the real reason for Fr Paul’s removal was the pastor’s vehement objection for the establishment of a Neo community in Dededo – unless they conform to Church laws and norms.

    8.His false accusation of Fr Paul for the charge of drinking binges and sexual trysts at the rectory through the building of a staircase leading up to the pastor’s room, when that staircase had existed there long before.

    9.Financial mismanagement was his reasoning why he fired Msgr Benavente as Rector of the Cathedral, though a long letter from one Finance Council member refuted it point-by-point. Real reason: Msgr Benavente might be a potential successor to his archbishopric, and Msgr Benavente is non-Neo.

    10.He told the congregation at Agana Heights that it was Msgr James who closed down the museum, when Msgr James was already kicked out of the Cathedral and then the museum was closed.

    11.He lied to the parishioners of Yona that his cultic religion had been given permission by Rome to receive Communion sitting down, and that he will just need to find the document that allows it. No such document exists!

    12.He said he was invited by P.I. Cardinal Tagle to visit with the Pope in the PI. Cardinal Tagle said no such invitation was extended!

    13.He lied about some financial statement printed in the Umatuna, and afterwards had to recall thousands of copies of the Umatuna and burn them to hide the lie.

    14.He lied to the parishioners of Toto when asked if he is beholden to any other human being on earth in matters of religion (faith and morals). He said “No”, but he is beholden to Kiko Arguello, Carmen Rodriguez, and the Genarinnis and Pius.

    15.He lied when he told the Toto parishioners that he had been meeting with the Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG) to try to iron out the church problems. He never did, despite numerous efforts by CCOG to schedule a meeting with him.

    16.He lied to the media when asked what the CCOG were protesting about at the Hyatt in 2015, and he said he didn’t know! He did know!

    17.He lied when he said he did not issue a decree to change the name of the chapel at FDMS, when the week before a decree was printed.

    18.ETC. ETC. ETC. (jrsa: Apr 26, 2016)

    1. I thought Tony fits the description of a pathological liar but I now think he's a sociopath. Here's a definition of sociopath:
      A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused—it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways.

    2. Except for charming and charismatic and he has no social skills. He's simply soul-less. Sold it to the devil years ago.

    3. And, Tony can't even think up his own lies. Other clowns can do that.

  3. This person, who asked to remain unnamed, has provided his story to me, but asked us to wait a little longer to see if his bishop responds. Meanwhile, you'll soon see an interesting story here on JW of a young lady who was forced to join "the Way" by her family.

  4. Dear Contributor,
    I hear your anguish and I can feel the rejection you feel by your Bishop: You wrote to your Shepherd, and he responded with deafening silence! Be not afraid, the Lord hears the cry of the poor. The Lord has led you to junglewatch for intellectual resource, for encouragement and yes, for spiritual support. I pray for you. We pray for you.

    You have learned of our feeling of abandonment by our ArchBishop; however, through the leadership of Tim Rohr, and through Chuck White’s expose of the NCW for the cancer that it is, we have become embolden with the armor of Christ, and through the organizations of The Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG) and the Laity Forward Movement (LFM), we are determined to protect our beloved Catholic Church!

    Let us pray for each other as we endeavor to eliminate the NCW, the Trojan Horse from within the Catholic Church. Let us call the Archangel Gabriel to defend us in battle; let our Blessed Mother be our comfort when we fall; but ultimately, armed with the Truth and with Christ as our Light, we will succeed. Peace be with you.

  5. Thank you to both JW and Chuck White for providing the entire world a venue for the full exposure of this phony religion created by Kiko and the abuse and damage they leave families. Wake up people Kiko's religion is a criminal enterprise. Why do they suggest you leave properties and valuables to their Sect. The world now has a go to blog to learn about the abuses and damage to places they try to evangelize???? Guam, after all is not so gullible and to be sure,for sure, for sure the One True Faith is alive and well and well supported by the manamko!!!