Thursday, April 14, 2016


"Klitzkie is accusing Finney of lying to his face when he inquired about a petition that at the time was deemed to be necessary in order to correct the erroneously published certificate of title."

Former Senator Bob Klitzkie continues to challenge a legal memorandum issued by the attorney general regarding the disputed Redemptoris Mater Seminary property.
Guam - There was a seemingly bitter exchange between former Senator Bob Klitzkie and Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson over a land management dispute on a multimillion dollar seminary property.

The Attorney General was on K57 this morning to talk about other issues when Klitzkie called in.
Former Senator Bob Klitzkie has been relentless in his pursuit of getting to the bottom of an erroneously published certificate of title for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, which has been the center of controversy over its ownership. Klitzkie has demanded answers, but with little to no response from Department of Land Management and the Attorney General’s Office in recent weeks, he says he’s been stonewalled.
This morning he took advantage of an opportunity to get Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson on the record regarding the matter while the AG was on mornings with Patti on Newstalk K57.

Right off the bat, Klitzkie grilled Barrett-Anderson. Klitzkie noted that although the AG had already officially responded in writing that the matter had been legally resolved, he continued to call into question the conduct of Assistant Attorney General Kristan Finney, who is assigned to the Department of Land Management.
Klitzkie: "Do you concur with the conduct of your subordinate Kristan Finney, Esq. as described in the highlighted language supra?"
Barrett-Anderson: "Why are you asking that question, Bob?
Klitzkie: "I beg your pardon?"
Barrett-Anderson: "Why are you asking that question?"
Klitzkie: "Why am I asking it? Because Kristan Finney is an assistant attorney general."

Klitzkie is accusing Finney of lying to his face when he inquired about a petition that at the time was deemed to be necessary in order to correct the erroneously published certificate of title.
So Klitzkie wrote his own petition to the Attorney General to inquire about Finney’s conduct.
Here are excerpts from their exchange this morning.
Barrett-Anderson: "Perhaps, Bob, I’m not clear on what is the form of a petition."
Klitzkie: "Well you said you got my letter and if you read it to the end you'd find out that near the end it says, the first bullet is, a petition to you."
Barrett-Anderson: "A petition for what, Bob?"
Klitzkie: "A petition for you to tell me whether you concur with the conduct of Kristan Finney."
Barrett-Anderson: "I guess I’m not aware that a petition takes the form of an interrogatory."
Klitzkie: "I would hope that as the chief legal officer of Guam you would respond to a citizen’s petition pursuant to the organic act."
Barrett-Anderson: "I am just baffled by what the remaining issue is. There was an administrative remedy to correct the notation and the memorialization that was done in accordance with statute. I don’t know what the remaining issues are."
Eventually, Barrett-Anderson acknowledged Klitzkie’s inquiry and said she would respond to him in writing.
Barrett-Anderson: "I know exactly what’s gonna happen from a simple response. I’m gonna get a response from you again, which will generate another response. But you are correct, Bob. I will give you the courtesy of putting in black in white pretty much what I said today on the air."


  1. What a sad excuse for an attorney general who was elected by the public. She just blows off the people as if they have no standing issues. Every issue should be resolved to its fullest and to its end. That's the job of an attorney general.

  2. Justice for all, Liz, or have you forgotten so soon.

  3. Barrett-Anderson is a lousy excuse for an attorney general. She is supposed to enforce the laws. Not enforce some or none depending on the day of the week. The law doesn't go away just because you say there is no longer a legal issue, right Barrett-Anderson? Do your job and address this issue. And while you're at it, why don't you also do your job and prosecute that Kiko-Kaka priest who was found in a car on the beach with a student during school hours. Or was there no legal issue there, too?

    1. Maybe there was another back room deal to make the police report simply "go away" or to delay till the "statute of limitations" ran up. Then it'll all be cleared up as if it never happened. "CASE CLOSED".

    2. Well anon @ 2.37, you are most likely right on target.

    3. its the reason the we have a new police chief...

      the old one saw the writing on the wall, so he got out of the way before the walls came crashing down...

      he wants to serve the public in more meaningful ways...

    4. As a political appointee, Barret-Anderson served as a Superior Court Judge but never made it to the District Court or Supreme Court despite her ambitious nature. Now that she's AG she is using the power of her office to pick and choose who to prosecute. Why does Bob Klitzkie fail to see this? As far as the AG is concerned, the issue of the fouled up Certificate of Title is a done deal because she said so. Never mind that the law is very specific with regard to rectifying discrepancies in land titles. In her mind, she is the LAW.

    5. Bob Klitzkie does not "fail to see this. " Bob Klitzkie sees "everything." Bob Klitzkie is strategic. They will hang themselves. Just watch.

    6. Tim, you took the words out of my mouth. The AG is also aware of that, this is why she was overly cautious, and not willing to say much yesterday.
      But Bob did a very good cross examination.

    7. Frenchie AT 11:37 PM My Man Is that the only thing TIM took out of your mouth??? I bet Deacon Martinez was watching, that's what I call sexual abuse.

    8. and heeeeerrrreeee's Rud-ee ! Right on schedule!!!

    9. Seriously, Rude Rudee, stick to the issue at hand. This is a very serious matter, and shoot the messengers rather than think for yourself. The fact is that the AG position is compromised. Think about its ramifications rather than priding yourself with your childish retort. This facetious remark does not help but merely attacks a person telling the truth. We are talking a public servant who potentially circumvents the law.

      It was 2:55 AM when you made this remark, were you still with your girlfriend at that time? Maybe you were the one with your mouth stuck somewhere it shouldn't be!

    10. You are right about the AG being compromised. And the path leads straight through Bank of Guam. Think about it.

    11. If it is vile and depraved, you surely can count on Rudy. AS SOON AS he returns from violating his vows of celibacy, Rudy the fornicator gives us a window on the sewer he uses for a brain. The perversity of Satan at work in all its unglorious filth!

      The chancery knows about it. Yet they allow that walking gutter to continue his evil ways. THE SAME PEOPLE want us to believe they are investigating Friday Louis.

  4. I vividly remember Barrett--Anderson's unsuspecting face outside the window as her once-staff and now Sen San Nicolas talked to media about his pro-life stance. It was iconic, bang-on and ironic image all at the same time. She looked dumb then, and she certainly is bona fide dumb now.

    1. I think that was Anita Arriola's but you can check the video:

      I do believe Barrett-Anderson though has a history of supporting abortion. I'll look it up.