Tuesday, May 31, 2016


May call's Doris Concepcion a LIAR. (I'll come back to this.)

So Far Only One Alleged Victim

An anonymous commenter made the following statement, which can be found here:

This is my response:

First of all, the Federal Residual Exception is rarely used.  According to Birdsong's Law Blog:
 It was intended that the residual exceptions would be used sparingly by the courts and only in rare and exceptional circumstances.9  The Advisory Committee cautioned that the residual exceptions “do not contemplate an unfettered exercise of judicial discretion, but they do provide for treating new and presently unanticipated situations which demonstrate trustworthiness within the spirit of the specifically stated exceptions”10
Secondly, in my country, a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  And the accusations are called "allegations."  The judicial system of Guam and the United States was established to protect a person's rights especially the rights of the accused so he/she can get a fair trial.  This does not mean that the person accusing is telling a lie. 

Recently, I posted a story about Cardinal Bernardin and Cardinal Pell.  Bernardin was also accused of sexual molestation in the 1970s by Stephen Cook.  However, this does not mean that he was lying. Cook later dropped the charges.  Cook later said that he had relied on people who told him things that were not true, "asserting that he is absolutely convinced of Bernardin's innocent.

Although the statutes of limitation prevents Mr. Quintanilla from bringing the Archbishop to court, it does not prevent the Archbishop from bringing Quintanilla to court.  For the past three years, we already know that the jungle has been desperately trying to remove Archbishop Apuron.  This was not the first time the Archbishop was accused of sexual molestation.   These are things that has happened so far:

  1. The first charge of sexual molestation came from John Toves in November, 2014.  John Toves was not molested, but he claimed that his cousin was sexually molested by Archbishop Apuron.  He spoke on behalf of his cousin whom he had never spoken to for several years.  And he heard of the sexual molestation of his cousin from other people. John Toves is known to be a good friend of Father Paul who even walked with him to the chancery and who was with him at the cathedral.  What does John Toves want?  He wants Father Paul and Monsignor James to be reinstated, and he wants the Archbishop to step down.  Although his relative never came forward, John called on other victims to step forward.  The Archbishop, on the other hand, said that he did not sexually molest John's cousin.
  2. Then on May 17, 2016, Roy Quintanilla came into the limelight of the media's cameras claiming that he was sexually abused by Archbishop Apuron.  His lawyer, who happened to be a relative of Monsignor James, was there representing him.  His reason for finally coming out after 40 years was because he learned that he was not the only victim, and has called out to other victims to step forward.  And what does Mr. Quintanilla want?  He wants the Archbishop to apologize to him and to step down.  The Archbishop, on the other hand, said he did not sexually molest him.
  3. Now today, a dead person from the grave comes out to claim that he was  sexually molested by the Archbishop.  Of course, the dead person cannot speak for himself.  His mother spoke on behalf of him.  Doris Concepcion is also a very close friend to the family of Roy Quintanilla.  And what does she want?  She wants the Archbishop to admit the truth and do what is best for the people of Guam.  The Archbishop, on the other hand, said he did not sexually molest her son. 
So far, only ONE person has come out claiming sexual abuse.  John's cousin did not come out and neither did Joseph Quinata.  Only Roy Quintanilla came out.  The reason he came out was because he now understands that he is not the only victim and even continues to call for other victims to step forward.  Forty years ago, Mr. Quintanilla thought that he was the only one.  Today, he says that he is not the only victim.  However, he is the only alleged victim who came out. 


  1. So, May/Diana, it's okay if "only ONE person has come out claiming sexual abuse"?

  2. Llanes vs Quintanilla, Concepcions, Quinatas, and Toves. Who do you think is telling the truth?

  3. DianaMay 31, 2016 at 2:48 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 2:39 pm,

    Stepping aside or stepping down is exactly what the jungle wants him to do. He is the Archbishop. He will know best what to do.
    Oh my God, have mercy on you May. Were you there in Fr. Apuron's house-bedroom at these time !? If not, shut your mouth up for once and have an ounce of sympathy to the victims because this is a critical, difficult, and sad situation for everyone involved, and a very serious one. "Stepping aside or stepping down" is nothing new. It's even done in our Gov't Agency today.."He (AAA) will know best what to do" yes? At this point AAA holds the upper card, and even has the upper hand because he's the Shepherd an authority, and our Archbishop. Even so, those who speak on behalf of Archbishop only hurts him more. Like you May, how you adore one and you refuse to hearing both sides. SNAP, please stay with us the Church of Guam, we need you! It's about time that the people of Guam are set free.

  4. A Voice for the Voiceless:

    "I looked up to you, I respected you, I trusted you, you were my parish priest. The whole village welcomed you when you were newly assigned to our parish. Wow! A young, energetic, dynamic priest here to lead us in prayer and help us grow in faith."

    "Then you did something I never could have imagined. You violated me in ways I could not even find words to describe. Would anyone believe me if I said anything? Would anyone say I was lying? Would anyone accuse me of just trying to cause trouble?"

    "I held on to the secret. I didn't say anything. I kept it bottled up even though it ate me from the inside out. I lashed out in violent acts to cry out when I could not summon the words. I seemed like a troubled boy / teen / young adult / man. Why wasn't I a normal person like everyone else? Why did I have to suffer?"

    "Before my life ended I finally gained the courage to tell someone - my mother - that her little boy was hurt by the parish priest, by the man we all trusted. I know she didn't understand. I know she was as confused as I was so many years ago. I know she was hurt. But I know she believed me and I know she still loved me no matter what happened. Thank you mom. I love you."

    Dear Lord, guide us as we work to help those who have been hurt in so many ways. Send Your Holy Spirit to inspire words of truth. Comfort all who suffer with Your healing mercy.

    1. Well put poetry....Thank You Andrew Camacho.

      Flo B.

  5. Hey Evi - you should tell the Quintanillas across the church that they are liars too. You and Llanes need to draft another message to cover-up Tony.

  6. The neos on the hill do the monkey shuffle. The neos on the hill do the monkey shuffle. The neos on the hill do the monkey shuffle. All around the table.

    Bunch of idiots....

    1. Here you go.....MONKEY SHUFFLE.


      Flo B.

  7. Seems May jumped the gun with the medical marijuana.

    So far, only ONE person has come out claiming sexual abuse. John's cousin did not come out and neither did Joseph Quinata. Only Roy Quintanilla came out. The reason he came out was because he now understands that he is not the only victim and even continues to call for other victims to step forward. Forty years ago, Mr. Quintanilla thought that he was the only one. Today, he says that he is not the only victim. However, he is the only alleged victim who came out.

  8. Tim, she's not worth our attention.

  9. Don't know about the medical marijuana. If she was on it, she might think more clearly...LOL. Just sounds like a bunch of stupidity and no common sense. Brainwashed Kaka writes and smells like Sh@t.

  10. DianaMay 31, 2016 at 10:58 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 10:52 pm,

    According to what the Archdiocese stated above, they are already in the process of taking canonical and legal measures. How long it would take them is uncertain. In my opinion, I think the canonical measure would come first. I do not know how many people they will take legal action against. Naturally, Tim Rohr is number one on their list.


    I didn't realize that Mae was another "trained lawyer."


  11. Diana May 31, 2016 at 6:38 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 3:09 pm,

    The Archbishop never said that Mr. Quintanilla was lying. That statement originally came from Tim Rohr and Quintanilla copied what Rohr said. The Archbishop said that he did not molest Quintanilla or anyone.

    It appears May Llanes needs to Google the meaning of the word “calumny”.

    1. Dear Diana/May/Asshole... Nothing Mr. Quintanilla stated "came from Tim Rohr" as you stated. Him, like the others, are speaking from personal experience. How many more will have to come forward with their story for you to get your head out of your ass and believe them? I suppose you think all 57 women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual abuse are lying too. Too bad you're too ugly for any to want to touch you!

    2. Oh anon at 8.33!!! Aren't you a little harsh on the poor little (pun intended) May???
      Don't forget most of her material is handed over to her by third party, so it would be logical, in her little frail mind to think that everybody does the same.....LOL

      I know it is difficult to be charitable with idiots, and May is really a big pile of idiocy to absorb, but we should try.
      After all isn't she a great source of diversion?