Tuesday, May 31, 2016


P.S. Tony, remember this?


  1. Celebrating our Golden Jubilee as a Diocese 1965-2016. Been a doozy so far.

  2. Not significant! There is no signature as to who wrote this. Not acceptable. The Archbishop needs to man up and step aside until the investigation into these allegations are done, whenever this might be. The faster an investigation is launched, the faster the Archbishop will either be restored or disposed.

  3. What a lame announcement from the hill. This must be that monkey's only recourse to refute the truth. Till this day, the archdiocese still has not even begun ANY investigation into mr. Quintinilla's claim. Instead they blame the victim while trying to protect the perpetrator. No worries, cause God will judge brother Tony's soul. It's just a matter of time. No heart bypass can make you live infinitely brother tony.

  4. I have a retraining order against Satan Tim Rohr........ Father God signed it with the blood of Jesus and the Holy Ghost served him with it! Tim I hope you rot in hell.

    1. Hey maybe the monkey can get Rud-eeeee to do a video like dacon tenorio. Then they all can do the MONKEY SHUFFLE in a reflection. 🤔

    2. A "retraining" order, Anon @5:35 PM? Haha.

    3. Anon 5:35 PM. Tim needs more training? First the Christian part Jesus died for our sins. Then the Neo part "Tim I hope you rot in hell." Not even Catholic, definitely not Christian. Pure Neo hatred. Somebody needs retraining and it's not Tim!

    4. The letter from the archdiocese is full of lies and we're not surprised. Accusing us for attacking the Catholic Church? How lame. We are protecting the church and defending the Faith. We have put on the Whole Amour of God and we are ready for battle. The NCW on Guam is going down and the veil covering the eyes of their followers will be lifted and they will see the Truth and that will set them free. BIBA Katoliku, BIBA!!!

    5. Well hello there psycho. You NEO cult members sure have a way with words. You think you can get away with everything you are doing? Think again. Your ship is sinking with the rotting stench of pedophiles onboard.

  5. Ok. Let's give the guilty S.O.B. (AAA) his day in court before he hangs himself.

  6. Rude-eye thought you bailed already.

  7. A perfect response, actually. Absolutely perfect.

  8. From Requiem by W. A. Mozart


    III. Sequence
    1. Dies irae
    Dies irae, dies illa
    Solvet saeclum in favilla,
    teste David cum Sibylla.
    Quantus tremor est futurus,
    quando judex est venturus,
    cuncta stricte discussurus!

    Day of wrath, day of anger
    will dissolve the world in ashes,
    as foretold by David and the Sibyl.
    Great trembling there will be
    when the Judge descends from heaven
    to examine all things closely.

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  10. Tony Apuron’s attachment to the Neocatechmenal Way was a perfect cover up for his abnormal liking of children, i.e., pedophilia. We now know of two victims, and more will be revealed in the weeks to come. We know that child molestation and rape are serious sins, but those in the Neocatechumenal Way don’t see it the way Catholics do. The Neocats believe that man cannot avoid committing sin. In the same way, man can neither accomplish good nor acquire merits for himself. Conversion is possible only when one’s moral poverty is recognized by everyone; not as a determined wish to correct one’s sin. Also, sin cannot offend God, and man does not incur the duty to expiate it by satisfying the requirements of His justice. That's why Tony loves the Neo and finds comfort in the Way. The Neocats preach that no one can avoid sin and it's okay as long as you tell everyone in their respective communities. The only way we can get rid of this evil man is to use the civil and criminal courts against him. The CCOG needs your help to do so. Send your contributions to me at Gerald Taitano, CCOG Treasurer, P.O. Box 274, Hagatna, Guam 96932. May God bless you.

  11. Trying to divert attention from the real issue, Apuron's penchant for young boys. One is too many. Two is depraved. Three is more than inherently evil.

  12. I guess Tim force the PDN to track down Mrs. Concepion in AZ and forced her to cry when she was interviewed? Lol. Someone is truly UDU at the Chancery.

  13. I am not sure how Mr. Rohr can sell any property in the Arcdiocese. Only the archbishop can with the approval of two canonical bodies and Rome. You might as well claim that Mr. Rohr is trying to sell St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Lol. I mean, does Edivaldo or Adrian or whoever wrote the release think the people of Guam are stupid and gullible?

    1. Anon 8:55....Yes, primatologist and Adrian think we are stupid.....

  14. Calumnious seems to be a favorite NEO word. It must be in their Kiko dictionary because Tony boy has used it a lot the past two years against catholic priests, our manamku and just about everything else under the sun. It's about time that they remove the log in their eyes and see the Truth. And don't forget to remove the logs in your ears too.

  15. I used to love those 1950's western movies, where the good and noble Indian chief, confronting the evil white guy, told him ;" white man speaks with forked tongue". This was a classic and easy to understand allegory.

    Well not much has changed since the 50s, at least at the chancery.
    They do indeed speak with a forked tongue. Like the vipers that inhabit this den of liars, thieves and abusers.

  16. Cool CORVAIR. Rear engine could blow up. Lots of situations could blow up too, Tony.

  17. I remember the mention of a 'car" given as a gift. So is this the beauty?? Blue. For the Blessed Mother, right Tony??

  18. Thank you Mr Tim Rhor for all that you do..And for those that are just now coming out your not alone. For those saying that all these are false accusations think what are these people getting out of accusing the Bishop? It's a load Of their chest and it'll bring them peace. God Bless you all.


  19. Ah!!! The Chevrolet Corvair!!! what an allegory for Tony!!!
    Think about it. The engine was in the rear. It was air cooled.
    And the production stopped in 69!!!!


    1. Good observation. But it's more than an allegory. Recognize it Tony? Remember when you used to drive it to visit another Father Tony? Do you remember what happened at his place? You see, I know a lot of things, Tony. Even the car you drove 40 years ago. Guess how I know this, Tony?

    2. Please share! This sounds very interesting Tim!

    3. “Unsafe at Any Speed”.

      The Guam NCW Cult leadership is corrupt to its very core.

  20. This is an extraordinary press release. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it from the Church in my life. Rather than take a careful and measured response to what would appear to be serious and credible claims of sexual misconduct, this chancery has launched an offensive against Tim Rohr?! As if somehow the allegations of molestation can be blamed on him.

    Where are senior Churchmen? Where is the Nuncio? This is quite disgraceful. Anyone with any sense of right behavior should be appalled at this release. Shame on Rome. Shame on the Nuncio. Shame on Apuron's fellow Bishops.

    1. Be careful about calling out Rome. What work they do in this regard cannot be known. The nuclear bomb was designed in secret.

    2. Right, Tim. They have to be working on some level. One of those SECRET atomic weapons we first leaned about was named LITTLE BOY.

    3. I would be pleased if my concerns were shown to be misplaced. I remain appalled that the Vatican has remained silent so far. My heart broke when I watched the video of that poor mother, let alone considering what her son must have gone through.

      Words are powerful, and so far we have heard nothing from the senior leadership of the Church.