Saturday, May 21, 2016


Tony running out the back door
in order to avoid the laity who
were praying the rosary at
the front. 
On February 12, 2013, the Vatican instructed Apuron to amend his 2002 sex abuse policy. The instruction pointed out six areas of the policy that needed amendment. Apuron did nothing. On Nov 5, 2015, I posted a copy of that letter and wrote in detail about it in this post: DEAR CDF, "SCREW YOU!" - LV TONY

I draw your attention to show that there was no consequence for The Tony NOT complying with the Vatican directive. This is important for us to understand. Outside of liturgical and doctrinal matters, the Vatican, even the Pope, has very little authority in a diocese. In administrative matters, such as the institution of a sex abuse policy, individual bishops can do what they want.

I state this because STILL so many are looking to Rome to solve our problem. 

Let's get this straight. In most matters, especially with what we are dealing with here, a bishop is not answerable to anybody but the faithful in his diocese. And in our diocese, there are very few people demanding accountability from this bishop or willing to pay the price to hold him accountable, which really boils down to constant public demands.

Some are under the impression that the pope has removed bishops. He has not. Almost always the most he can do is ask for their resignation. And even in these cases it was the laity who did the work to bring their case against a certain bishop to Rome. 

It is very possible that Apuron has already been asked to resign by one of the Vatican Congregations, but has refused - or should we say, Pius has refused to let him resign. They need to keep him going to do this upcoming ordination. 

Public protests, letters to the editor, radio show call-ins, signs, comments submitted with real names on this blog, etc. The din must become deafening. And stop asking him to "step down." That sounds too dignified for this pathetic monster. It's time to start saying "get the hell out. " 

However, there is one thing that can be done to legally remove him. Pass a bill lifting the statute of limitations on past sex crimes against minors. Then watch Tony run. But it will be too late. 

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