Friday, May 20, 2016


My Take On Rohr's Interview

I do not know how many people actually heard Tim Rohr with Phil Leon Guerrero yesterday.  If not, you can listen to the interview in the jungle.  

According to that interview, Tim admitted that he was the "mastermind" behind everything.  He arranged for obtaining a publicist, arranging the media, finding the lawyer, getting the ad published, and everything else.  He even went to Hawaii, convinces Roy to talk, and brought him back to Guam a month ago. Obviously, someone paid the airfare.  Was it CCOG who paid the airfare?

I did not hear anything in that interview of providing counseling for Roy.  One then needs to wonder.  During that month that Roy was here with Tim Rohr "strategizing" their move, I cannot help but wonder.......did Mr. Quintanilla receive counseling or coaching???  

Tim admitted that Roy did not want to go public by bringing out the cameras.  But he only made this announcement after I stated in my blog that it is unheard of for a victim to go public the way Roy did with the cameras following him as they recorded him giving the letter to the Archdiocese and with family and friends shouting behind him.  In his interview, Rohr said that he managed to convince Roy (or should I say "brainwashed") to go public with the cameras the way it was done.  Since it was Tim Rohr who arranged everything and claimed credit for all it then safe to say that the letter Roy submitted was also written by Tim Rohr?  Perhaps, the credit also goes to Tim Rohr for writing the letter that was submitted by Mr. Quintanilla?

In addition to going public the way it was done, another thing that is baffling is the fact that Mr. Quintanilla turned to another priest (Father Jack) to confide about his sexual abuse.  Deacon Tenorio stated that Father Jack was chosen because he is already dead.  Psychologically speaking, a victim who was sexually abused by a priest would NEVER turn to ANOTHER PRIEST to confide in.  After being sexually abused by a priest, the very last person a victim would turn to would be another priest.  So, what is wrong with this picture?

Whenever the police responds to a rape case, a female police officer always conducts the interview with the victim.  Why?  Because after a female victim is raped by a man, the very LAST person she would talk to would be a MALE officer.   Think about that for a minute.

Tim also admitted in his interview that it was HIS idea. He admitted that everything was his idea.  So, is it safe then to say that it was his idea who "created" a victim by putting this idea into Roy's head?     


P.S. I didn't "admit" to anything. I publicly "DECLARED" it. Quite a difference there, May. As for my writing Roy's letter, LOL. You forgot to give me credit for rounding up 20 of his relatives and teaching them to cry on camera. Oh, so much fun - you beastly woman, you. LOL.


  1. As I read this GARBAGE from a GARBAGE PATCH IDIOT, I can't help but think....DEFLECTION! Hey!!! Dumb S***, you claim from a "psychological" point of view....what are your credentials to be speaking from a "psychologically speaking" point of view? As for the police officer tidbit, what happens if the victim was a male? What if there aren't any female police available for that female victim? Does the investigation stop and the officers call it a "bad experience?" Does the officer tell the victim, sorry lai! Deal with it. Your deflection from the main topic of this whole ordeal involving Mr. Quintanilla and archbishop is futile. The fact remains, Roy is the VICTIM. Archbishop is the alleged perpetrator. This has nothing to do about the church (in a manner of speaking) It has to do about a criminal act that occurred 40 years ago that needs closure.

  2. Poor Thing, always one train late.
    Oops no train on Guam...
    Maybe this explain that...


    1. Apuron reads from a script. Tenorio reads from a script. Quintanilla speaks from the heart. Who is brainwashed and more believable? Check with the person who resigned from the sexual misconduct board. What's the next lie?

  3. What are you guys smoking over there at the RMS? This post is borderline schizophrenic if not full blown IMO. lol!!

    1. Well James,
      I am venturing to think that the delusional approach of our newly graduated wikepedia psychologist at RMS, might be coming from prolonged exposure to the strong emanations from the Putrid Pius.

      Anybody exposed for a long time to such violent chemical assault, might show some of the symptoms impairing the rational thinking from the Diana.

      Perhaps someone should warn the EPA, that appropriate HAZMAT suits be distributed before any intervention on the premises of RMS.
      Also, it might be advisable to warn Homeland Security about the potential dangers to the general population, should Pius fall in the hands of parties trying to attack our island.

      It is obvious that the side effect of such exposure, go well beyond the results of the studies done by the Government in the 60s and 70s on the effects of LSD.


  4. So what's Diana's real name.

  5. What is May's last name?

  6. I feel like I just lost a bunch of brain cells reading this Diana/Mae/Pius post. It is so dumb on so many levels.

    1. yes diana is always good for a laugh or two...

      just don't eat or drink while you read stupidity...

      read fast, limit your visit, it's not polite to stare at stupid...

      one last thing, rinse your mind with good alcohol afterwards...

  7. Everyone I have talked to about this subject says the same thing. AAA needs to step down for the sake of the church he says he's defending. By remaining in power he is only weakening it and causing people to loose faith in the process. Scandal Inc.