Friday, May 20, 2016


Jeffrey Tomas Marchesseault, the local Mr. "No Accomplishment", decided to offer me advice publicly on Patti Arroyo's K57 show this morning on how I can be - per his standards - more effective.

Of course Mr. Marchesseault had no intention of helping me. His intention was to publicly impugn and discredit me. Anyone listening could easily tell that. 

In attempting to publicly discredit me in the middle of my quest to assist Roy Quintanilla in his courageous and painful effort to seek wholeness and closure after having been sexually molested by Apuron and having to carry this wound with him for forty years, we can only surmise that:

Mr. Marchesseault is another Apuron operative and is seeking to protect a child molester.

We can surmise this by what Mr. Marchesseault used as his entree to his point. Mr. Marchesseault took issue with my re-posting of the following meme on my Facebook timeline:

I am not currently paying much attention to the fight over the debate about bathrooms as I have my hands full with what is going on here. However, when I saw this, I cracked up because every man knows what this means and every man has probably caught hell from his wife or mother at some point about not lifting up the toilet seat.

In fact, this is a regular problem in men's public restrooms everywhere. We almost always have to wipe the toilet seat in a public restroom before we (ahem) sit down. My thought was not only will women now have to deal with this at home with thoughtless husbands and sons but now will also have to deal with it in public restrooms. It was funny and everyone of my FB friends who responded agreed....except for Mr. Marchesseault.

As you can see here, Mr. Marchesseault decided to use my re-posting of somebody else's meme on my own FB timeline as an opportunity to personally attack me and call me a PIG, then he proceeded to lecture me on transgender rights. LOL!

Jeffrey Tomas Marchesseault
Jeffrey Tomas Marchesseault I respect a lot of your opinions, Tim. But sometimes you're just a pig. In this instance, the swinish element is on display loud and proud.
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Not content with calling me a PIG on my Facebook Timeline, Mr. Marchesseault, proceeded to call into Patti's show this morning to lecture me further. (AUDIO will be posted.)

This is such a sideshow having absolutely nothing to do with the accusation against Apuron, that Mr. Marchesseault's attempt to manufacture a link between my supposed insensitivity to the bathroom plight of transgender persons and my defense of Roy Quintanilla, and Marchesseault's eagerness to go on the radio to take his attack public, can only point to one fact: Mr. Marchesseault is an Apuron operative and has joined the ranks of those aligned against Roy Quintanilla. 

How sad for Mr. Marchesseault, who at best is a political wanna-be, and after doing nothing for the Gutierrez campaign is now siding up to Senator Mike San Nicolas, still hoping to matter. Hey Senator San Nicolas. Do you really want a guy on your team who is going to go down with Apuron? 

Think about it.

P.S. The horrible things that  Apuron did to Roy Quintanilla (and others) is what should remain front and center. Any attempt to sideline this focus (like Marchesseault tried to do) must be seen as an attack on Roy, what he suffered, and what many others have suffered. 


  1. Maybe San Nicolas is a Neo operative, or at the least a sympathizer, as well

  2. Jeffrey announce for the world to hear folks. He's not a Catholic anymore. Apuron operative ? How's that?

    1. Apuron's not Catholic anymore either. LOL

    2. Tim, not showing too much wear and tear, that's a good one.

    3. Why is this guy so friggen stupid??? Here's one thing I recently realized about protestants who claim to follow the bible verbatum. They like to quote the bible left and right. Throwing out bible quotes that make them feel good. Which I think is great. Nothing wrong with that. BUT recently just this year, after conversating with a protestant friend on the topic of transgender and homosexuality, the same person who likes to throw bible quotes at me, DECIDES that Genesis and Leviticus, Letters of St.Paul, all of these books which clearly states homosexuality as a sin, are no longer applicable. OH MY. WTH happened to sola scriptura??? The world is crazy as it is today, thanks to Martin Luther, and all those other frigss who decide to follow suit.

      I'm a woman. And I dread that day when I will have to share a restroom with a man. I DONT CARE IF HE DECIDES TO BE A WOMAN FOR HOW LONG. It's bad enough that I fear getting raped in public restroom everytime I have no choice but to use one.

  3. Jeffrey, you begin with praise and then offer constructive criticism. Your intro was "telling". Your criticism of Tim's posting of a meme as insensitive and juvenile confirms your "sensitivity" with regards to the so called rights of transgenders. Real men call it as they see it!