Sunday, May 1, 2016


REPORTER: About 100 Catholics answered the call.  They began arriving before 7:30 and stuck it out till nearly 10:00 PM. They peacefully stood, prayed, sang Chamorro hymns and in small groups strolled across the street to peer in the front door to observe the "spectacle" inside.

And from the DIANA

Sunday, May 1, 2016
The Special Mass With The Cardinal
The Mass last night was beautiful. We arrived 45 minutes early, and the front rows were already taken. There were so many people already there, and the church was filling up fast. We quickly had to find a seat, but I did not like sitting in the way back. We found a couple of brothers from our community we knew, and we squeezed into the pews with them. The church was packed. Although the Mass was opened to the public, I saw only the brothers in the Way. 

The Gennarinis and Father Mario were there, and they did the admonitions and the readings. Father Julio sang the Gospel. Because the crowd was too large, there were no echoes. The NCW on Guam has approximately 1, 200 brothers. There were many people taking photos of the catechists of the U.S. and of the Cardinal. At the end of the celebration after the priests have all walked off the altar, the brothers formed a circle and danced around the pews. 

One of the amazing things we learned that night was that Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes is NOT a "Neo Cardinal" as the jungle claimed. He was never walking in the Way nor a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. What a surprise! And all along, the jungle claimed that he was a "Neo Cardinal." The Cardinal was assigned by Pope John Paul II to follow and guide the Charismatic Catholic Renewal in 1985 and then to also follow and guide the Neocatechumenal Way in 1986. He was only there to follow and guide us, but he was never part of us. 

We celebrated the Eucharist the way we had always celebrated it with the exception of the echoes......and lo and behold......this Cardinal who is NOT a "Neo" did not object to the way we celebrate it. This Cardinal who was assigned to GUIDE the Neocatechumenal Way since 1986 did not say that we are committing liturgical abuse. 
Diana at 7:00 AM


First, as to DIANA'S breathless account implying that the church was packed. The following picture shows that the Cathedral was maybe half full and there was no need to "squeeze in.":

Second, the number "1,200 brothers" is laughable. And if there are then it looks like they aren't very faithful since maybe half of those attended this "special Mass" which was not a Mass of course (Kiko hates that word). Also, after twenty years all you can produce is 1,200 brothers  - even if we accept that number? Yet, the Masturbating Primatologist masquerading as a Catholic priest wants us to believe that WE are the minority? LOL. 

Third, I never said that Cordes was a "Neo cardinal." I've been very clear that there is only one bishop in the world (a Cardinal is a bishop) STUPID enough to do that and that is Apuron. In THE STINKING MONK RAMPS IT UP posted on April 12, I made it clear that Cordes is a KIKO CARDINAL - he is one of the bought and paid for Vatican primates who is part of the "powerful lobby established thirty years ago in the Vatican," described by Archbishop Athanasius Schneider, which is responsible for advancing what Archbishop Schneider calls a "Protestant-Jewish heresy with a Catholic decoration."

Fourth, what they are doing above is distributing what is supposed to be Holy Communion. You can be sure that Mass goers this morning are not aware that the floor they are walking on is littered with pieces of our Lord. 


Just got back from the demonstration outside what used to be the Cathedral Basilica of Guam. The visiting Cardinal and our lost shepherd authorized the Neo mass in our basilica. The distribution of "communion" was given at the pews as was the grape juice. The former shepherd of the 1% that does not matter has shown his true colors. He "performs" Masses for the money you give him but his heart is with his Neo brethren. Wake up Catholics!!! We have lost the Mother Church of Guam, albeit temporarily, and you go about your faith business as usual. If you let this continue you are going to go into what was a Catholic church and you won't know what the hell is going on. What I witnessed was disgusting and to know that our church leadership not only condones this but revels in it makes it that much more disgusting! If people wonder why we 1% are so vocal then come out and join us and you will see. Thank you to those who joined for the first time. We need more and we need you fast. Break out of your anonymous mode and stand up and be counted. BTW, wherever the former shepherd of Guam is presiding, my advice is to run away. He no longer believes in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, it's just a meal so therefore the "consecrated" bread is just that, bread. When you pass around bread like you are at a fiesta then that is not the Body of Christ. I am glad the Neos have their protestant worship services in private, because I really don't want to see it again. Now if they would only build their own temples and leave our churches alone that would be great. However, it means replacing the lost shepherd and that we need your help with.

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