Tuesday, May 24, 2016


...Senator Blas just called BJ's bluff on the smoking thing. LOL. Two back to back scores for Blas this week so far. Is he running for governor? Peace.


  1. Senator Blas has his ear to the PEOPLE!...Thank you!

  2. Now, that's what we call a real Senator! A sharp contrast to all the other "event-attenders, funeral handshakers, salary-loving, look-at-me I am good and deserving of unmerited-salary-increase senators who currently inhabit the legislative halls of the senate.

  3. I like that he is doing this knowing the resistance he will get from other senators and even the community. Bravo.

  4. Yes. Way to Senator.

  5. Need other REAL LOCAL Senators to also step up to the plate. Senators Rodriguez, Respicio, Aguon, San Nicolas, BOTH ADAs...Where do you stand? This is election year and I want to make it known where you stand. With us or against us? LET US KNOW! and you will most likely be in next year!

  6. I am not sure of Sen. Frank Blas' intentions and I applaud him for coming out now to defend these victims but, all these incidents have been on-going for the past 3 years and where was he and for that matter, where were all the "LOCAL" or good senators when our local faithful were fighting for our ONE, TRUE, HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH? Must be ELECTION TIME around the corner and now the good senator wants to be on the side of CCOG, the Forward Laity Movement and the VOCAL ELDERLYS who have talked the Talk and WALKED the WALK for ALL the Catholic Faithful of this island. Where were/are our Leaders when the Catholic Faithful needed their Moral and Spiritual Support in defending the CORE of the Faith that has been here before, now and for our future generations? Just saying, Please give credit where credit is due and let's continue to march until this STATUTE of LIMITATIONS is LIFTED so persons like Roy Taitague Quintanilla and others can relay their experiences of being molested by a PERSON of AUTHORITY and bring them to JUSTICE.

    1. Hi Ramona,

      Thank you for your contribution. Just to be clear, this post, entitled THIS IS JUST AN ASIDE, BUT… relates to Senator Blas’ investigation into raising the minimum age to procure an abortion to the age of 21. This is not a bill (yet), and of course it has nothing to do with the bill that he DID introduce which is to raise the statute of limitations on sex crimes against minors.

      The raising of the abortion age, I believe, was just to call Sen. Cruz’ bluff. If people are not old enough to make a decision on whether or not to smoke then surely they are not old enough to procure an abortion. I think Sen. Blas was just having fun with our friend BJ.

      However, since you address the raising of the statute of limitations and you ask where were the senators prior to this, it is actually good that they may not have been involved with us. Could it be proved that a senator introduced a bill to target someone he already had a problem with and publicly so, the bill could be thrown out.

      Just as I have urged us laity to do the real work in these matters and leave the priests out of it, I encourage the same approach to the lawmakers and the governor. Ultimately it will be they who pass and enact the bill and personal partiality cannot play a part.

      At last I believe we on Guam are growing up and taking on our real role, not expecting anything from church or civic leaders but simply taking the leadership ourselves. Bravo! Let’s move!