Saturday, May 7, 2016


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Let us pray that Rome will send us a new shepherd soon.

Either Monsignor James or Father Paul would make a fine archbishop. They have truly been tested in fire, and held firmly to the One, True Faith.

Let us pray that any blackmailer(s) will face justice in the civil forum (versus canonical forum) as well, either locally or in federal court. The statute of limitations on a criminal prosecution does not to run while the underlying crimes are still being concealed by a blackmailer. The blackmail can be considered an ongoing crime to the extent benefits are still being received. Alternatively, concealment of the blackmail can serve to toll the statute of limitations.

Perhaps U.S. Attorney Limtiaco might be well advised to start with the Chancellor, if the evidence is sufficient, and work her way up. 

CNMI Lawyer has left a new comment on your post "IN THE PACIFIC DAILY NEWS. TODAY AND TOMORROW.":
Any blackmailers should remain mindful that Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP) is a separate federal felony, and that fleeing the jurisdiction may also be introduced at trial as evidence of consciousness of guilt. 


  1. The noose is getting tighter. No, it does not feel the same as a roman collar.


  2. Omg. I sense the end is near.

  3. Yo, David, heading for the Windy City?

  4. The neo house built upon sand
    With lies and astute slight of hand
    Is ready to crumble.
    Oh boy, did they fumble!
    "Now where is a soft place to land?"