Monday, June 13, 2016


Smiling all the way to the bank. 
While the good news is we were able to embarrass Gennarini and the other goons who run RMS into amending its Articles of Incorporation so that at least the next Archbishop of Agana would inherit a seat on the all-controlling BOARD OF GUARANTORS, the bad news is that Apuron still holds that title. And as long as he holds that title, legally, Archbishop Hon CANNOT touch him

You've got to give it to Giuseppe. He knew what he was doing back in 2002 when he and his lawyers wrote up the RMS articles so that they would one day be able to spit in the face of Rome should anyone touch their beloved Tony. 

Because RMS is incorporated apart from the Archdiocese of Agana and under the corporation laws of Guam, RMS is a full-fledged Guam corporation UNACCOUNTABLE to Hon

I'll explain in a minute, but this is why Apuron could blast away as ARCHBISHOP OF AGANA from the pages of the RMS gala booklet as he did yesterday

You see, it doesn't matter that Pope Francis has assigned an Administrator to Guam and removed Apuron's authority within the Church. RMS, legally, is NOT subject to the Church nor to the Administrator assigned to the governance of this diocese. As a separate legal entity, a Guam corporation,  RMS is ONLY subject to the Government of Guam. 

Legally, as long as Apuron retains the title "Archbishop of Agana," he retains legal authority under the laws of Guam as a Corporation Sole. Rome's decree removing Apuron from authority within the Church has NO effect on how the Government of Guam views the legal entity known as "Archbishop of Agana." 

And as long as Apuron is permitted to hold that title and no successor has been named, Apuron, under the laws of Guam REMAINS Archbishop of Agana, and as such, is not just one of four members of the RMS Board of Guarantors, but is also its Chairman of the Board and sole Incorporator. 

In other words, despite Hon's presence, Apuron retains his authority and positions per RMS' legal documents and there is NOT a thing Hon can do about it. Thus Apuron can blast away all he wants at us from his position as Chairman of the Board of RMS and retains (as one of four guarantors) 25% control over RMS including where the money goes. 

But that's not all. As the legal entity, Archbishop of Agana, Corporation Sole, Anthony S. Apuron, Incumbent, Apuron retains signature authority over all financial and legal matters of the whole Archdiocese, and Rome cannot do a thing to stop him. 

Right now he could be signing documents selling off any piece of diocesan property he wants to sell. He could be signing documents incurring more debt for the archdiocese. He could be signing documents redirecting funds from different diocesan bank accounts. He could be doing absolutely anything other than what is forbidden him by the pope's decree which only limits his canonical position, NOT his legal one. 

The only way to prevent Apuron from absolutely legally and financially ruining this diocese is for Rome to remove the title Archbishop of Agana from the man named Anthony S. Apuron - that is if he can still be thought of as a man after what we are learning about him. 

This is the danger that the LFM and the CCOG understand which apparently the new Administrator and those who sent him here do not.

The really sad news is that Richard Untalan, former president of the AFC, and the one person who was witness to most of this scamming and scheming by Apuron and Gennarini and who also tried to stop it, explained all this to Archbishop Hon in January 2015. 

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