Monday, June 27, 2016


"I literally fed my son to Apuron."


  1. We all parents lack of teaching, just because we have to tell them honor your father snd mother and the priest and authority, but we did't teach them except sins. At least we learn. Parents and CCD teacher teach them the fourth commandment to honor, except sins.

  2. Oh what a horrific experience for a loving mother who only ever wanted the very best for her son. What horrible guilt and pain she has had to live with all these days of her life since her son told her just before his death. It's a mother's and child's worst nightmare yet in this case it's real. So heartbreaking and so very very sad for all concerned. The time is NOW for change to put an end to this terrible suffering of sweet trusting children, families and the church community. We are responsible adults. We know better. We expect better. We must act for better outcomes for all. May all the victims families and advocate be showered with God's greatest blessings for absolute healing. And may their courageousness be the vision and inspiration for others to not back down until a new order of change is in place. Hold people accountable and not allow this very sick & sad behavior to ever happen again.

  3. It is a wake-up call for us although clergy sex abuse has been in the public square for a while and at great expense to the Church. The difference now is that it is here not somewhere out there. Even remuneration cannot make up for the assault on children and their effects on families. Sonny, for example, was unable to express the abuse he experienced so he acted out in ways Mrs. Doris Concepcion suffered through. It is not just the guilt ever since the deathbed confession but she must have questioned her own mothering instinct. Was I a good mother? For certain, but doubt must have entered innumerable times in her psyche. All due to Apuron and his lust for helpless boys. Let him pay for his crimes now!

  4. Enjoying the best that money can buy. Strolling around Rome like he owns the joint. Pay up Apuron. You shame your family and your people.

  5. God keep you safe, Mrs. Concepcion. Eternal rest grant unto Sonny o Lord.

  6. Doris, do not blame yourself, no one would have expected that there is a devil in a cassock, I understood, that he was bragging that he had over a hundred alter boys. Sick and evil

    1. No basis on this statement, 2:43 PM, who brags to whom about "trying" a hundred altar boys? I understand the earnestness but let's stick to the probable. As of today, we have identified five boys who suffered under his lustful deeds. Three men of courage, one mother who was privy to a death bed confession, and one unwilling to come forward but who cousin attested personally to the fact. These are the ones we ought to recognize and reach out. Yes, I agree, Doris should not put the blame on herself - easy for us to say but hard for a mother to accept.


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