Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Three separate sources have advised that Apuron is not depressed. He is on his laptop openly sending messages asking for prayers because he is being persecuted. He is reminding his well wishers that he is the Archbishop of Agana and he is returning to Guam as Archbishop.


My note: While this is almost impossible for anyone to conceive, we must expect the worst because Archbishop Hon has done NOTHING to discredit all the messages from Apuron so far: 
  1. The video message from Rome saying that Hon is here at his request, 
  2. Apuron's presence in the Umatuna - which was only removed after we raised a storm about it, 
  3. Apuron's message in the Gala program claiming to be persecuted, 
  4. Hon's continuing to speak of Apuron as if he is completely innocent (his praying for him "without prejudice"),
  5. Apuron's public letter to the Filipino community as if he was still in complete control of the diocese, and
  6. The constant speaking of Apuron on The Diana blog (which is Pius and Adrian) not only as if his return is imminent, but as if he is still in charge:

  1. Dear Anonymous at 3:13 pm

    The Archbishop is there to oversee all the communities, not just his community. He chose to walk with the NCW, but because he is the Archbishop, he is treated differently. For example, he does not have a catechist, and he is not a catechist for a community because he oversees the entire Neocatechumenal Way.

Note to Apuron. While your neocat cronies may try to slip you back into Guam, the Agat boys have some very angry relatives who are looking for you. You might know why. My suggestion: better to settle for that nice Roman villa episcopal crooks like you are rewarded with for staying out of sight. 

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