Wednesday, June 1, 2016


You know Waldo, I was going to have some fun with your demonstrable stupidity, but I'm having a hard time finding any fun in your first statement:
Another malicious and calumnious accusation against the Archbishop has surfaced; this time from the mother of a man who has been deceased for eleven years. 
Fr. Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira (aka Eddie the Waldo), those words were written by you. Let's take a look at you Waldo:

I want all the world to see the Apuron goon who called this woman a LIAR:

If you haven't seen, Mrs. Concepcion extremely sad and heart wrenching account of her son's final moments and what he revealed to her, then watch it here:

Then take another look at the ASSHOLE who accused this heartbroken mother of a "malicious and calumnious accusation against the Archbishop." Look at him. Look at him good.

This is what you've been paying for, Catholics of Guam. This is what twenty years of supporting Apuron's RMS has brought you. The above pile of excrement. Look at him good.


  1. Looks like a monkey, acts like a monkey, probably is a idiot monkey.

  2. Accusations described as calumnious
    Are starting to be quite voluminous
    To the point that the hill
    Is sounding so shrill
    As the future looms gloomily ruinous.

  3. A picture of one who is haughty
    Reflects a quaint speech which is naughty.
    Please don't fail to sign
    Right there on the line.
    And in the next "vid" don't get "caughty."

  4. I am absolutely disgusted by the response of the archdiocese. What? They couldn't even pretend to investigate? They jump automatically to they are liars and we are going to sue? Really??? Sue that poor woman who is suffering for what happened to her son? Sickening.

  5. An admirer of May wants to know how long canonical processes with take against Roy and Doris? Who is this blogger? If it is really Llanes, she is really sick answering this one. Certainly one of the fruits! Hope you are proud of your Neocatechumenal way -an Insiders View Blog. From the inside, May, fruit looks rotten.

    1. Yeah may couldn't even respond to the monkey dancing in the reflection behind dacon tenorio. Quick to say the victims are liars and brother tony is a saint who could never lie or bully anyone.

      Too bad may is afraid of revealing herself. Lol

  6. Is Waldo still taking Preparation H orally? Lol.

  7. Looks like Edildo Da Monkey is Tony boy's newest and bestest friend. The two of you are going down and I don't mean on each other. Both of you and the rest of your cronies are going DOWN.

    1. Yes sireee! The binestest of friends. Eldildo is nothing but a dingleberry attached to the anal of Apuron. Maybe it's the other way around!

    2. Don't spin your head trying to figure out "who is who" in the "which is where" contortion: bro tony likes being strong-armed by a more dominant adult partner. In turn he gets his kicks by dominating less thug-like kids. It is a fetish, really. There you have it: use your imagination, then puke!

  8. Here's to the O.J. you're famous dude.

    Flo B.