Thursday, June 16, 2016


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- I watched this video many times because it hit closer to home than the others. Not that the other families did not suffer the same pain as Roland. Roland is a family member of someone who is married to my family member and it is was a total shock! I am so disgusted with people asking, "Why did it take so long for them to report this horrible incident!" Listen to the story of each of the victim and you can see why. All were extremely young and did not want to go against the priest of the Catholic Church that they were attending because no one would believe them. So for those who keep asking the question - Stop - It was a different time 40 years ago so you cannot compare it to today. And for those that are still saying that these victims are lying and "Actors", listen to the pain and suffering that is even coming through the videos. Even the best actors in the world cannot ever portray such emotions. And Last of All - The reason why Each One Come Out Separately is because they can Each tell their story Individually so that their pain can sink in before another one comes forward. My God - Please Continue to Bless These Courageous Young Men - Roy, Walter, Sonny (via his Mother), and Roland - for finally coming forward. Let Their Healing Start. 


  1. Beautifully said.

  2. Do the deniers believe the Boston scandal is a hoax? What about Los Angeles? Philadelphia? The list goes on. Some of the people held on to their secret for 30, 40 and 50 years. Some never spoke about it. Does that make it any less true?

    Teaching children to speak out as soon as any inappropriate activity happens is a relatively new policy. The world was very different in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. The norm was to keep quiet. "Don't embarrass yourself or the family." Thankfully things have changed.

    Does anyone remember a recording made quite a few years ago: "Scandal in the Family"? (Late 70's or early 80's) It poked fun at the culture of silence and the many "dirty little secrets" rampant in the island.

    Let's hope and pray that as more light shines on this problem our world becomes safer for children.

  3. WAKE UP, people! There is evil everywhere. If you think that "it's not possible for a priest to do this", you are just kidding yourself. Apuron is evil. BOTTOM LINE.....Thank you to you the courageous ones.

  4. NCW members, you and the Archbishop are not being persecuted. You guys brought this upon yourself. These people are not liars. These people are not actors. These people were not paid. Listen to their stories and believe. Oh, I see. You guys don't have TVs or radios and don't read the newspapers. You don't know anything because you refuse to know anything. Not speaking against evil is in itself evil. You are not being persecuted.

  5. So true Andrew. It amazes me how people cannot have compassion or feel the pain others go through till it happens to them or it hits home. For those non believers for the victims they MUST watch SPOTLIGHT that won Academy Award for Best Picture. A true story investigation that uncovered a scandal that rocked one of the world oldest and most trusted institutions into allegations of child abuse within the local Catholic Archdiocese. It exposes decades-long cover-up.

    We must break the silence and support victims who have silently and painfully hid it in their hearts and soul for what ever reason; (fear of being called a liar; fear of the holy cloth; fear of shame; fear of embarrassment for family; fear of adult word versus a child; ) during those days no one would believe you if you told them a priest sexually molested you. You non believers put yourself in their place. Even as they come out of their silence it's still painful for them. I am so proud of the victims who came forward. Now they can have closure.


    Wormwood: Oh uncle, the division i've caused went much smoother than expected.

    Screwtape: Oh yes Wormwood, an excellent job with contrariety, many are still asking why these "boys" waited 40 years....hehehe...if only they knew our fathers plan, keep them asking "why wait 40 years", for they do not see with the heart but with their ill senses.

    Wormwood: What do you mean uncle?

    Screwtape: Come with me little devilkin for a little revelation in history.

    Back when when you were just a little Imp, there was a holy man named Moses who wanted so dearly to lead his flock to the Promise Land, but his children were so rebellious...hehehe..thanks to 'yours truely...muuaa', so the Creator of this universe had them wonder around our lovely desert landscape, hot as hell...hehehe, pun intended! for the next 40 years until 'we' could no longer keep them in Egypt, in other words, in Sin. It was bound to happen anyways so we lost that war and Good trumped Vice. Now fast forward to today, you see, it was the 'sin of the father' who stayed in Egypt for 40 years and it was destined that one day Good (the victims) must expose the sin of the father after 40 years. So, that day has come and once again our treachery is known by the faithful ones of San Vitores.
    Oh Wormwood if only you had known, it is written, 'no stone will be left unturned' every sin must be exposed.

    Go now and get me the Prized One before he makes a perfect contrition to his Father above!