Thursday, June 16, 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "PACIFC DAILY NEWS. JUNE 16, 2016.": 

- I watched this video many times because it hit closer to home than the others. Not that the other families did not suffer the same pain as Roland. Roland is a family member of someone who is married to my family member and it is was a total shock! I am so disgusted with people asking, "Why did it take so long for them to report this horrible incident!" Listen to the story of each of the victim and you can see why. All were extremely young and did not want to go against the priest of the Catholic Church that they were attending because no one would believe them. So for those who keep asking the question - Stop - It was a different time 40 years ago so you cannot compare it to today. And for those that are still saying that these victims are lying and "Actors", listen to the pain and suffering that is even coming through the videos. Even the best actors in the world cannot ever portray such emotions. And Last of All - The reason why Each One Come Out Separately is because they can Each tell their story Individually so that their pain can sink in before another one comes forward. My God - Please Continue to Bless These Courageous Young Men - Roy, Walter, Sonny (via his Mother), and Roland - for finally coming forward. Let Their Healing Start. 

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